Thursday, March 29, 2007

Headache prognosis

Actually the headaches have been bad for a long time. 2 years ago it was like 1 a week. Then a few months ago it turned into 2 a week. And the past 2 weeks have virtually been one a day.

The reason they've been one a day: Short term addiction to Ibuprofen. I was taking them every night as a preventative measure. Doctor's Orders: Cold Turkey on the Ibuprofen. And all coffee and T for good measure :[

And here is the shortlist of suspects for the deteriorating headaches before ibuprofen addiction (in order of likelihood):

1. Too much time in front of the cmptr. More specifically, too much time pushing the mouse around the desk. Possible solution. And: some serious ergonomic adjustments to my workspace.

2. Clamping my jaw and grinding my teeth at night. The dentists told me that I did this a long time ago, and that I should consider getting a mouth plate made to sleep with. Will be doing it - G knows how I'll sleep though.

3. My home WiFi Network. Yeah, this constant barrage of radioactive waves buzzing through the air is getting some bad press. A lot of places have banned it. So if the above 2 do not work, I may be forced to go UNWIRED. Back to the ol' cables...

4. And if 1,2 and 3 don't work: Medication side effects. Guess what:

"The other infamous side effect is the Lamictal Headache. While most anticonvulsants are good for curing headaches, Lamictal (lamotrigine) is great for giving you headaches. These range from something you can ignore to full-blown migraines. There is no telling if this side effect will go away or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't." Taken from my favourite site on psych meds -

Therefore, much as I believe that Lamictal (AKA Lamactil, Lamictil, Lamactin, Lamictin) is doing wonders for the BiPolar, if it's causing headaches like this (on top of the hand tremors and shakes I've often mentioned) then it's clearly not agreeing with me.

God forbid...


  1. if you drink alot of coffee then getting rid of that in itself will cause a headache and possibly a pretty bad one.......

  2. my doc suggested lamictal but then considering the high probability of getting migrane (my mom has severe migrane.. almost 24x7 n it might b hereditary just as her clinical depression is) he dropped lamictal. and also due to the fact that mania is not really a problem with me... i am more a depressed bipolar...

    did u try drinking a lot of water? it helps in relieving migrane pain...

  3. I have all the other issues (except Ibuprofen) and I don't get headaches very often. So I place my 500$ bet on the Lamictal. (That's all I can draw out at the moment.)

  4. Sorry if my Tylenol ER comment seemed a little crass. I forgot about your other medications. Hope you get the headaches sorted soon.


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