Tuesday, March 27, 2007

isher and isher

Sorry...I've been plagued with nuclear strength headaches for the past 4 days (and today). Seen the physio twice, doc once and will be going for eye-checks too. Had some great posts lined up after my week of off-line philosophising but they ain't gonna happen right now.


  1. Glad you're going for an eye-check. They tend to be the first and usual suspects. I hope the headaches go away soon. (Like yesterday.)

  2. I hope you find the cause and get a cure soon. (((BPG))) If all else fails try a chiropractor

  3. Headaches. Got 'em. Got 'em. Got 'em. Definitely don't need 'em.
    I use Tylenol ER. It sounds professional

  4. ibuprofen works for my son's migraines...
    hope you get rid of the damn headaches!

  5. hey hope the headaches will go away and eh, it really could be your eye-sight is getting tired... let us know whats up with your headaches


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