Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My outside office

I often talk about the office situated in my garden which I run my biz from. Here it is. Actually it's an old garage that I converted into an office - I thought it might follow the other tech companies that started in garages like MacroHard and the Big G. Yeah right!

Here's some replies to comments:

The enlightened just do it
And words are no longer applicable

we just keep on keeping on

Joel & Kodeureum:
No, August 2007 wasn't a typo. I've got a friend who wishes to embark on a journey into psychadelic drugs, including magic mushrooms. So this is where he's likely to be come August. A mushroom head. Brian processes totally MUSHY


  1. @your shroom friend - he may not need it, but oh well...

    i've just begun what you plan to begin soon. take IT easy, man, especially if you can bend your mind on your own [read you have funnier thoughts in your head than the rest of population].

    i started with 2 tokes of quality chronic - type of weed - just because an experienced someone told me if i start like i wanted by smoking salvia as my 1st experience, it would likely lead to ruin - major bad trip. he was right and i'm glad "i started easy."

    i am LUCKY LUCKY i meditated the whole week prior to my experiment 3 or 4 times a day, including FORMALLY with a major zen master at a center the weekend prior to smoking. in absence of that, i think my chronic trip woulda likely turned into an extended trip into the looney bin.

    i still plan to graduate to trying the more potent plants [smoking salvia, eating shrooms, maybe ayahuasca and peyote] - i'm one of those who would like to try everything once, maybe even twice.

    however in light of my 1st trip, i will need prolly another 3 months of hardcore meditation practice, before i think about trying shit again.

    as far as maryjane goes, veni vidi vici, i tried, i saw, i'm done. no need for a 2nd trip. i am not doing this to get high, i am doing it to bend my mind in different ways, depending on how the plant wants. also, i am 150% determined not to try chemical shit. acid, ecstasy, that shall never ever be allowed in my brain mix.

    finally, i am sure you know, it's all about setting, setting, setting and having an experienced sitter to guide you through your experience.

    i had an experienced psychedelic tripper and a hardcore meditator who never took drugs in his life to help me along. the problem was that the tripper wanted me to enjoy my first encounter by means of external stimuli [such as by using trippy audio/video - read winamp and ambient/chillout/electronica music which i said sure fine, go ahead, while the meditator aimed to show me there is absolutely no need for foreign substances if you are trying to walk the Way, so he spent the time trying to center me, by pointing out to the other guy how pointless this whole thing is.

    the other mistake was that there were 4 other girls in the house, doing their thing while leaving us men to take care of the idiotic business i planned. that turned into a major fiasco, because it was a constant struggle for these 2 sitters i had to keep me down on the couch, as i wanted to experience interacting with all present characters.

    all in all, for my 1st trip, in hindsight, i shoulda had just the 2 sitters, in COMPLETE SILENT meditative environment. everything happens in your head, after all, there is no need to complicate everything by trying to observe outside stimuli of any kind [ps: especially don't go for the 'black light' to accompany whatever noise/visual aids you may use. any association in your head with any type of environment that your mind can misconstrue into a 'party on' type of environment IS NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD AT ALL for a 1st incursion into the wxrlds of psychedelix.

  2. Hey cute! Nothing wrong with old garages converted into offices!

    I worked in living-room for several years. Now I have finally moved in a spare room. Ah...sweet luxury. :)

  3. shrooms always amplified my claustrophobia, acid kept me up dancing and wandering around all night, opium had me gazing at clouds all afternoon and weed made me paranoid. the one time I think I smoked cocaine I had a huge crash afterwards and i never ever want to put crack in my soup again. hashish, though: that's a different story altogether. nothing was ever as pleasant as a nice chillum-full or a cone spliff with a mild tobacco-blow blend but that's all back in the day now i'm a dad.

  4. Never did shrooms because they were favored by the aboringinal wannabe crowd.

    Besides, being bipolar I didn't need that crap to alter my awareness. Just lay down, close my eyes, and let the moving pictures roll.


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