Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Mathematics of BiPolar

BiPolar Guy's additions:
Stagnation = Depressed BPG
Imagination = Hypo BPG
Implementation = Hardly ever

I got this "index card" from one of my all time favourite blogs Seriously, the woman who writes this blog is a genuis. The way she visualises everyday situtations is uncanny. Its one RSS feed that I never skip a day (and she posts about 3 a day). Little note: Her indexed cards are not about BiPolar at all, but from time to time BPG recognises BiPolar in her observations.

Come Sunday morning Mrs M and I are leaving for a 5 day camping trip. Gonna do some serious OFF-LINING (note to self: must see if is available for registration). And believe me, I need it. I've been working my butt off the past week or 2. Like 10 hours a day stuff. Intensive non-stop high-focus 10 hours. (which is probably why you may have noticed that BiPolar Daily(ish) has been a little more ISH of late).


  1. love tht equation!
    so simple n so obvious!
    can i use it?

  2. I wonder what expression gay men use when they take their tent? Is it PC to say, "Camping" ? Certainly was a lot of camping going on in "Brokeback Mountain" !

  3. VERY interesting card(s), thanks for sharing with us. :)

    I wish you guys a wonderful time. Looking forward to pictures.

  4. and fat hairy arachnids in your shoe parts, fanged and willing.


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