Friday, March 16, 2007

The advantage of discomfort

Another of my favourite "diagrams" from the phenomenal blog I spoke about yesterday. And it's true, even though us BiPolars can't be expected to change our BiPolar (it's life-long remember) there do come times when an effort is needed and change required. But ruts get very comfortable and I know from personal experience, if they're comfortable enough - you may never change. Viva discomfort!

Its encouraging to see that the above-mentioned blog is getting the traffic it deserves. Sheesh, I thought I was styling with my 2300 blogger profile views - indexed has 31000 profile views! Kudos to her.

One more day before I leave on my camping trip. Nothing like buggering about in the wild. (psssst: WillbeFine - cryptic answer therein)


  1. dood, i am tired of you buying into this "life long" shit theories!

    aren't you advanced enough to know that if you can drop your mind, your fucking "bipolar" whatever that even is will drop away as well.

    you can be SUCH an etard sometimes, it blows my mind away.

    dood, the aliens may touch down july 4th, 2oo8 and wipe out all your misery with a fucking tricorder or at least EAT YOU, so stop this preaching like you're bloody eli lilly telling people they absolutely need to eat zyprexa for the rest of their lives.

    how can someone who knows so much about philosophy, religions of nonreligions, seeing in between your thoughts and dismantling your conceptual thinking, how is it possible to be so brainwashed when it comes to this bipolar shit, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, FORGIVE ME!

    you are LAZY bro, if you sat your ass down with increasing determination, you WOULD DROP YOUR BIPOLAR in an instant, way way before you even have a shallow kensho.

    but you're all w0rds is what you are, so get off your lazy butt, NOT TO MAKE MONEY, DOPE!

    get off your lazy butt and SIT WITH DETERMINATION, stop talking about IT!

    okay, enough keisaku over your thick head for one day, now i shall go post a youtube to show you SITTING!

  2. until i do that, whatch THIS and learn, grasshoppa!

  3. z0tl, watching that video reminded me of the fact that the mind is an extremely powerful tool.

    "Put your mind to it and you can achieve anything."

    Some of us don't have the mind to do anything. Easier just to sit in that rut.

  4. BPG, I don't know if you are going to use any bunk beds while on this camping trip during your 5 days of wild gay abandon. Do you fall into the category of a “versatile bottom”? You are not concerned whether you are up on top or on bottom. However given the choice you would prefer being a bottom.

    Is your wife accompanying you on this trip or are just going fishing with a mate?

  5. WOW- I had something to say and then read the responses and got my mind blown. A little touch of reality is not a bad thing at times eh?.........

  6. ok now lets get real- how do you raise kids while meditating 10 hours a day for years on end? how do earn a living while meditating for 10 hours a day for years on end? who is paying the bills and chasing the kids while this is happening? Maybe this is possible if you are independantly wealthy and have no children or family needing your attention. But seriously- how many people can actually DO this?

  7. Z0tl - sounds like that meditation weekend really did something for you. You'll reach enlightenment any day now...(or maybe you're there already?)
    WillbeFine - my mate backed out, going with Mrs M. Luckily she doesn't mind being on top or underneath. Hey, even a chair will do
    Raine - I agree 100%. The only people that can afford to meditate for 10 hours a day are monks in a monastery. Oh...and SF Jane.

  8. Discomfort is very good for me. I know and appreciate this. It doesn't make it all any easier though...;P

    My motto is: Whatever works for U.

    Dunno about others, but the only thing that works for ME is striving to fulfill my obligations no matter how I feel at the moment.

    Of course I often get a fraction of it done, but just the fact that I'm doing something is very beneficial to me. Whenever I start slacking off my "craziness" gets worse.

  9. z0tl, I surprisingly concur. Each of my institutionalisations for extreme manic episodes allowed me to reinvent myself and hence begin a new life. Lifelong? Life-renewing, rather. Bipolar keeps me young-at-heart, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I relate in a very direct way to teenagers as my own teenage self is readily accessible a mere two institutionalisations away, perfectly preserved. Ditto with twenty-somethings. I'm thirty-eight and still not yet ready to graduate from high-school or settle down into a life-long career. It's a good place to be whenever I sit down with a tumbler of whisky and a fine filtered cheroot to ponder a while...


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