Saturday, March 17, 2007

See you next Friday (23 March)

I'm outta here.

Going to do some serious OFF-LINING the next few days (badly needed by this interweb junkie)

Bee Pee Gee


  1. of all the luck
    just when i am putting the wire back into the brain as a deep invading species

    you'll be back!

  2. deer beepergeefan:z i fooly expekt you to keep this here dream alive while teh hero is baskin in some tze-tze infested tent off the mozambiquan coast of madagascar.

    lissn up, y'all, everyone mobilize and i need us to have at the least 1oo comment:z by the time he's back, so the man feels da love. bizi up y'all!

    to get going, in order to incite controversial drama, here, you don't have 1 hour in da morning and 1 hour at night to still yo monkey mind?

    okay then, i'll see ya twichin like a mofo in spastic tardive dyskenisia cum diabetes vertigo and amputated limb:z 10 years down the line & then we'll talk about "how utterly unreasonable" it is to pull off an SFjane trick.

    dear peoploids of the beeper wxrld:z - you don't need 10 hours a day, even 1/2 hour morning and 1/2 hour evening of sitting ass down consistently will still your mind more than any drugs meant to "cure your disorder" will EVER do!

    so yeh, go ahead & keep it real and save yourselves with prayers to the Pill God & keep yaselves warm with the fuzzy feeling of knowing with certainty the Wrathfool God of Chemical Imbalance is at fault.

  3. which came 1st?




    and if it was the chemical, what eggsactly is the point of living?

    you wanna comment in reply? i'm sorry, but if there's not enough serotonin taking a left just now and firing those 2 neuron synapses over there in the far back, YOU CAN'T!

    or if you do, you'll end up agreeing with me even tho you hate me so.

    i mean just the other day it happened to gekko [mr. kodeureum] who nevah evah agrees with teh z0tl nut, but due to an infusion of herbal tea yesterday, lookat what happened!

    it's never you, it's the chemical:z doing you at all times, so give it up, yo!

    now lessee gekko here snapping back to his senses lacking proper tea bag:z and watch him say, well, it's not the chicken and it's not the egg, it's the chicken egg soup!

    oh dear sacks of water and holy shit, it is all in your heads, so just cut them off, it'll be simpler in the long run.

    !!!! AJIME !!!!

  4. Humans have been ingesting chemicals since the day they opened their mouths; Chemicals that can leave them satisfied, happy, exuberant, sedated, drowsy, tripping and in love.

    The power of thought is a powerful thing and meditation might be the Nirvana for all Bipolars, like perhaps, "Jesus Saves", "Alah is Great" and "Everything happens for a reason."

    For once z0tl is positive and WillBeFine is negative! Which came first, Ying or Yang?

  5. Take care, homeboy!!!

  6. catch you when you get back!

  7. i'll be waiting when ya get back. get some rest my man.

  8. I'm new to the bipolar blogging comunity. I just started my own 2 weeks ago. I decided to google bipolar blogs today and found many, of which yours is the 2nd I've read. It is soothing to know I'm not alone out here. I am impressed with your blog; I will be back often. I think it will help me cope.


  9. take all the time you need. we will all be here for you when you get back.


  10. 1o down, 9o to go, c'n peoploids, stop slackin & comment with purpose!

    bpg, did you remember to bring the z?tl repellent along on your trip? no? well then don't be complaining when you get back home all puffed up and violet in color from all the vicious biting, stinging, pinching and all the other nasty things a z0tl can do...

  11. Sorry z0tl, I missed your first comment. It's the early am of the 24th now and beepergee's not back online yet. I guess Korea is closer to the international dateline. Will twelve suffice for your mission?


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