Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BiPolar & Laziness

Lazy adj lazier, laziest 1 not inclined to
work or exert oneself. 2 done in a relaxed manner with
little effort. 3 moving in a sluggish manner.

- Collins Paperback English Dictionary

Laziness is a sensitive topic for BiPolars (and unipolar depressives for that matter). This is because fatigue slumps caused by depression are often criticized as "laziness" by the general population. In a backlash to this, many BiPolars claim that they are immune to laziness - it is all depression. Believe me I've played this card many times.

But the horrible truth is that we are NOT immune to laziness. Not by a very long shot. In fact, I would say that we're more susceptible to it than the Muggles. And the faster we accept this the better. Because laziness is the most nastiest form of emotional cancer.

Agreed, people should feel sorry for us and cut us some slack. But not becuse we have a full exemption to laziness, but because we're predisposed to being innocent victims of its ugly ravages.

Me personally, I have declared Laziness my Numero Uno Enemy. And I've taken a vow to be vigilant for my enemy at all times. Because he is stealthy and sneaks in when you're not looking. And once there he casts this invisible spell over you, a kind of drugged torpor from which it is hard to escape.

So next time I catch myself saying to myself - Shite, I can't do that man, it's just too much of a mountain to climb - I'm gonna be on the lookout, and smite that scoundrel, even if I just try.


  1. I am totally NOT lazy!!! I cook, I clean , I mow the lawn, I do the laundry, I take care of the ferrets, I run the errands, I drive 3 trips to do stuff for my daughter, I crochet blankets for my grandkids while I am watching TV. My hands never stop moving. ON the good days. on the not so good days I force myself to still do what needs doing. On the bad days I just cant. This is NOT laziness and the first person that dares to call me lazy if gonna get smacked

  2. i am lazy & assholy, better qualities i could not dream up for my True Nature if i tried.

    just because i practice a rinzai zen method of sitting, don't mean i am or wanna be zen.

    i am z0tl of teh z?tl context, but i guess that don't count for much since i must put myself in some kind of box that has a w0rd for IT.

  3. i have been screwing the pooch so badly since i got home i would be kicked out of any organization if in fact i belonged to one... sheer unaulterated inability to do a flippin' thing. except eat. that seems to be totally intact and then some...
    putting posters up i made 6 months ago hardly counts as labour intensive activity either...
    in fact i am fighting the desire to go back to bed as i type

  4. no offensive was ever taken BPG. I have faults but laziness is one of them, now what were they........ :P

  5. I have never been a workaholic but I had my first job at age nine or so and began delivering morning papers in the freezing cold and dark when I began middle school. I've washed dishes and climbed ladders, swept warehouses and cooked thousands of meals for complete strangers. I took my daughter to a play the other day and helped the actors strike the set afterwards. When I spot shaggy shubbery here on campus I feel compelled to purchase gardening shears and put them to use. I have moved anyone's furnishings whenever I've been asked, and generally cook three meals a day. In about half an hour I'll be taking the laundry from the washer and hanging it out on the rack to dry. But my ex-wife still tells my daughter her daddy's lazy because I don't search out poor saps to pay forty bucks an hour for chats in English. Protestant work ethic, got it. Obsessive compulsion to keep active, don't need it.


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