Wednesday, April 11, 2007

widgets, widgets, widgets

Man, I love widgets. They're bringing out my inner geek. Soon I'll be closer identified to the geek camp than the bipolar camp.

So in my right bar I've now added my tag cloud. And the biggest cloud, you'll notice, is blog-buddies. Yeah, I suppose this is my weak attempt at a blogroll. I've been feeling guilty about not having a blogroll for a while now, and just haven't gotten around to it. So this is it - and so very easy to manage (once set up!).

And if you're thinking sheesh, BPG has so few bookmarks, that is an untruth. It took considerable geekery to put a firewall up between all my bookmarks (934) , and the bookmarks suitable for BiPolar Daily (23). What I had to do is set up another delicious account (BiPolar Guy), and add that to the network of my existing "Master account". Whilst at it, I set up a 3rd account, which only my biz clients will see. Multiple Personality Disorder 4 sure.

PS if you're a blog_buddy of mine and I forgot to add you - Yell. This thing is still in beta.


  1. Compartmentalization is a cool thing. :)

  2. OH NO shiZZnit, i made your blogroll! where's mo lately? i luRv gekko & eric d jes gives me teh goosebump:z!

  3. z0tl, part of the blog buddy roll? Love comes in many guises !!

  4. moMan, less paranoia & please open up yo bloggie so i can goddam read without having to beg you for invite.

  5. hahaha, if you think you are widget crazy BiPoDa friend, check out MY right panel! i've linked here for a long time but don't come by too often because you make me jealous by how well you manage yourself and the bipo demon. cheers to ya mate!

  6. cool geeky-ness. And i'm in there so it's even cooler;)


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