Friday, April 13, 2007

New website launched!

I've been in a very non-esoteric mind the past year, but one thing that has ALWAYS heralded good fortune for me is sighting a rainbow. This one appeared yesterday morning over the house diagonally opposite mine. So I knew yesterday, without a shiver of doubt, that my website must launch within the next 18 hours. Besides which, if we'd left it for today we would be striking Friday the 13th.

So my developer and I put in a midnight shift last night. There's too much traffic during the day to upset things. The whole launch went really smoothly, which now brings my own website count up to 6:

  • My 4 biz websites (including yesterday's launch). They're all part of the same Group, and what I work on everyday. I won't be putting a link here because, as I've said before, I keep major firewalls up between my bipolar persona and my "professional" persona.
  • Then there's another website which is from a previous venture and has just been hanging around for 3 years. I keep it there because it's got a good Googly Page Rank, and gives me valuable links to my other site.
  • The sixth site is where I keep the WordArt I've created over the years (and have spent MUCH less time than I would have liked to have this past year, but will be spending most of my time after I've won the Lotto).

And then of course there is this blog (the very one you're reading). But I'm not sure if you could call it a website. These days there seems to be a growing blur between what consititutes a website and what constitutes a blog. They should just create another fckn domain extension - .blog, to join the .orgs, .coms and .fuckups. (You saw this idea first HERE).


  1. Oh yeah, it IS Friday the 13th, isn't it. WTG busy guy!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Kodeureum requsted that I delete the above comment (just in case you was wondering...)

  4. my friday the 13th wasn't too bad.


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