Saturday, April 14, 2007


Found an awesome, awesome webpage:


You need a bit of time to fully appreciate this so make sure you're not busy IMing, Twittering, Skyping, Googling, Secondlifing or JustinTVing at the same time.

My old friend WillBeFine will particularly like this one methinks. It relates to our debate about infinity on a previous post. As it says on the Universcale page:

We were given an infinite yardstick

PS: If you like this I've added one or 2 other cool-sites in my right bar cloudscape.


  1. What was needed was the distance line at the bottom to go round in a loop and the circle of infinity and BPG's infinite theories would be complete!

  2. nuttin can be complete without sheepishly endarkening your butt:z within teh z?tl context.

    i can still no mo read yo blog mo! wtf? u denying me satisfaction explicitly or do you banish them all and only allow your bpg lover to peruse your celtic humoristical musing:z?

  3. z0tl. Is there something I have lost in transatlantic translation again?

    I do not have a blog!

    What blog are you talking about?

  4. oh no mind me then, i thot since you from scotland you are mo of "Bipolar Mo" blog fame which lives at - but now is locked...

    nevah mind, i'm as confused as evah... i guess i'll have to stop callin you Mo too, ahhhh teh sadness!

  5. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had to click on it twice because I was multitasking the first time. :)



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