Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Annihilating the BiPolar gene.

My post on Sunday ( psychiatrist with BiPolar) generated quite a lot of interest.

So, in response to some of the comments, here are some excerpts from Kay Redfield Jamison's book - "Touched with Fire". Both excerpts are about the question of sterilizing people within whom the BiPolar gene is found (how genteel!)

And just to correct things - Dr Jamison is not a practising psychiatrist but "is an American professor of psychiatry and writer who is one of the foremost experts on bipolar disorder" as per Wikipedia


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    It doesn't seem that the question was answered. Only more questions asked and a partial bargaining option offered.

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  4. Anonymous15 May, 2007

    If the Bipolar gene was eradicated, at what point in time would another mutate back into a Bipolar gene ?

    Would the mutated gene then become tripolar or multipolar ?

    Conversely those with the Bipolar gene removed could become super depressed or super zombie.

  5. Anonymous16 May, 2007

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  7. Sorry BPG - phrased my previous comment badly. Let me rephrase it. Probably long before they ever identify the bi-polar gene/genes they will have learned to manipulate undesirable genes in a fetus and to remove those unwanted illness in the womb rendering all this discussion irrelevant:P. Then the choice will be prenatal surgery on a chance of bi-polar developing? or go ahead and risk it:P

  8. I can't believe there's still people out there, who consider sterilization a viable way of preventing genetic illness.

    Unfortunately this matter will continue to crop up for as long as man continues to believe that he's more clever than nature.

    Nature made sure that genetic deviations will always be a part of our life, no matter how we try to prevent it.

    I think someone is trying to tell us something.

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  10. In spite of z0tl's discursiveness I'll attempt to stick to the point. Having visited Auschwitz I think it's safe to say that the Nazis simply exterminated anyone they didn't like. Bipolar illness was merely a blemish in the gene pool to them. As far as I'm concerned Canadian society's already done it's best to sterilise this here bipolar sufferer by encouraging young women to stay single and abort the foetuses of any potential father who can't buy them a mansion. I don't have enough fingers to count all the female friends and acquaintances in their late thirties and beyond who have not yet given birth. So it goes. What's scary is it's starting to happen in South Korea too.


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