Monday, May 28, 2007

The Seer

"As you rest in your present awareness, you might perceive some sensation in the body, or you might be aware of thoughts passing by in front of the mind's eye, or you might be seeing the clouds floating by. But there is one thing you cannot see: you cannot see the Seer. You see thoughts, things, clouds, mountains, but never see the Seer, never the Self, never the pure Witness. Precisely because it sees thoughts, it is not itself a thought; precisely because it sees things, it is itself not a thing…

…So what is this Witness in you that is aware of you? Who is aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your self right now? What is that pure Awareness?

…for just a moment, simply be the Seer. Simply rest as the Seer, rest as the Witness, rest as that which sees but cannot be seen. As you rest in that emptiness, that absence, that clearing, that opening, you will begin to sense a vast freedom, a vast release from things seen, a vast release from the pain of being an object. You will rest in Emptiness, as the ancient Unseen, as the primordial Unborn, floating in the great Liberation…

And thus most fundamentally and forever, it is God who speaks with your tongue, and listens with your ears, and sees with your eyes, this God who is closer to you than you are to yourself…"

-Ken Wilber Eye to Eye

-photographer unknown


  1. kenny wilber is oprah-buddhism, dood, he says all this qool sounding shit snake oily crap so he can fuck all those beautifool wannabe enlightened chicas anyhoo he's a sexy mofo, i'd let him blow me once, no doubt...

  2. Anonymous29 May, 2007

    "Wow"... I heard my self saying that... but who said it and why? Ken Wilber and his Integral Thoughts got me thinking.

    If z0tl fell down in the street and there was nobody there to hear him, would he make a noise?

  3. Anonymous29 May, 2007

    I find it a fasinating piece only comment I can make is that several years ago I started using the pen name "Passionate Observer." It was shortly befor that I learned to be able to leave my own body and then could sit at a distance and whatch my own interactions with others at any time I chose. I could listen to what I said. I can become totally an observer of any situation at any time in any group. So, I have to ask, who then is "The seer" There are certainly many paths to enlightenment mind you Buddhism has been a part of my own study. Just some food for thought!

  4. interesting that my first thoughts from reading this took me back to Muktananda's teachings. but he is Hindu, not Buddhist, and there is a distinct difference in these "understandings". Muktananda's catch phrase was, "Thou Art That That Thou Art". which would imply that YOU ARE THE SEER. i loved living and walking in that awareness that there was nothing that was not "i"...


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