Sunday, May 27, 2007


Just had the most profound, meaningful and incredible synchronicity happen to me in the past few hours.

Here were the strands (before they joined up):

Mrs M & I are regular listeners to the 21st century Buddhist podcast. The teacher, Ethan Nichtern, always recommends (as his favourite book on meditaton) - "Turning your mind into an ally".

I finished the book about ten days ago.

On her way to town yesterday, Mrs M listened to the podcast episode where Ethan's father, David Nichtern, give a guest lecture. She comes home raving about it and saying that he was trained by a Tibetan lama who came to the West and founded the first Buddhist University in the US.

Yesterday, I post to flickr a recent photo I took. I wake up this morning and there's a comment on the photo - "This photo belongs to the Miksang collection".

Didn't give it much thought. Miksang? Probably some obscure car lover's group or something.

Later Mrs M looks at the comment and says what's the Miksang group? So I find the flickr Miksang group. Miksang it turns out is a school of "Contemplative photography based on the Dharma Art teachings of Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche"

You can see the lama's photos here.

OK, this is getting interesting.

A few more links and I find out that Choyam Trungpa, is the father of the author of the book i just read ("Turning your mind into an ally"). AND the venerable lama that taught Ethan Nichtern's father - David Nichtern.

It probably doesn't make as much sense to you reading this as it does to me, but trust me, this whole coming together of such disparate things within 24 hours is just blowing my mind away.

(time to for me resurrect my esoteric interests??)


  1. Yes, it's a small world but I still wouldn't want to have to paint it.

    Have you viewed the video in my latest post? Keep a close eye on the passersby in the background, especially 1 minute and 17 seconds in.

  2. The first sentence is all I understood, but that's ok. I love getting those incredible synchronicities too, they really make my day. :)

  3. well lessee they say things will be in front of you when you're ready to see/hear/feel/etc them, so mebbe chogyam is the lineage you gots to look into in order to find a living teacher who can show you a method, because evidently what you do on your own isn't working, mebbe not coz the method, mebbe coz of your lack of discipline? i dunno, either way, dig deeper into this and go see the local group of people who are into this, not the flickr group, yanno & so yeh etc! it's a good start. alway:z!

  4. Following your intuition and the flow of your local reality seems to bring these 'coincidences' on ... mine started with a mindblower (I wrote it up at but have continued since unabated - whenever I open my mind and peek out, there are more of them happening all around me. Verrrry interesting, this reality!

  5. Anonymous29 June, 2007

    Very nice :)


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