Saturday, May 26, 2007

Net addiction - the verdict

So I'm back from my self-imposed 4 day abstinence from the Neb. Here some observations:

  1. The first day was real hard. It's got to do with the BiPolar - too many stimuli = hypomania, too few = depression. So I sat in my chair staring into a black coloured blankness most of the day.
  2. On the second day I had my best meditation session in a long time. As I said in a previous post - hyperlinking your mind all over the place all day long is NOT condusive to good mediation.
  3. One of the main reasons I did this thing was because Neb "addiction", I believed, was eroding into my work hours. So did I spend more time working when the Net distraction was out the way? Nay.
  4. I'd been really looking forward to waking up on Saturday morning so I could dive back into the online world. In actuality - a huge anti-climax.

  1. It's not the internet's fault I'm not working too hard lately - it's my lack of discipline. Likewise, it's not the internet's fault I chose an insufficiently creative field to work in.
  2. OK so I spend loadsa time on the Neb. But I also practically gave up reading, and only watch 1 hour of TV a week. Seems like a fair trade to me.
  3. Lifestyle 2.0 is here, like it or not. To vow to stay off the Neb is like somebody in 1910 vowing to stay off the roads. Yeah, car travel also keeps your eyes glued ahead, whilst sitting in one chair. So much less social and rushed than walking everywhere. And friggin dangerous to boot. What was the world coming to?
  4. "Internet addiction" is a stupid term. Pretty much every aspect of our lives takes place on the Neb, so how can you be addicted to it? Sure you can be addicted to Flickr, or YouTube, or Twitter, but "internet addiction" as an all-encompassing term just does not fly.
  5. Even if it IS an addiction and BPG is an industrial strength mainliner, so what. I no longer do weed, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee in addition to most good-tasting foods, so I'm certainly entitled to ONE addiction of choice.
"addiction of choice"????


  1. Anonymous26 May, 2007

    "Addiction" :- Wikipedia

    'Experimentally, Bruce K. Alexander used the classic experiment of Rat Park to show that 'addicted' behaviour in rats only occurred when the rats had no other options. When other options and behavioural opportunities were put in place, the rats soon showed far more complex behaviours.'

    What will distract BPG from the Internet?

  2. Hmmmm, hmmmm. Just what I need. MORE food for thought.

  3. Bertolt Brecht's Baal vice advice:
    "Choose a few for one may be too much."

    The same might apply to addictions.

  4. interenet addiction might be akin to life addiction or communication addiction or learning addiction or stimuli addiction as what do we do online if not live and communicate and learn and input stimuli into our brains... of course it is a lazy way to do it, but then, that is only looking at it from the body's perspective... running in a gym is not lazy for the body, but can be quite lazy for the mind...

    still, eventually we can have computers installed directly into our heads and be connected to the net 24/7 while moving around freely in our lives... by then we should have transportation that doesn't require our active participation, so driving while connected should not be another statistical cause of deaths and accidents...

    eventually, when we can think ourselves through time and space, we will not require external transportation vehicles anyway...

    can becoming completely ethereal beings be far behind?...

    the internet is part of the natural evolution of a sentient species...

    extinction is too...

    we have a choice :)

  5. yes, your choice is to bow low within teh z?tl context, i shall pardon all your tresspassings and send y'all a couple virgin:z dipped in olive oil, guaranteed to remove all your depressial ideation.

    hoo-hah the rav3 is 0n dood, & yes mighter than the twitter whining, how the hell are you addickted to twitter man it's like saying if you jot down a line on a post-IT note every hour like see eee oh:z do then you're like mentally sick?

    omgomgomg, lemme flickR my ass into youtubeness adicktedness and laff my ass off at being unproductive.

    dood, read the necessity of madness and unproductivity and relax yo ass into mrs. M unconditional love. she works for herself, you eat 1 bowl of rice a day and walk on the beach, if she makes you guilty, that ain't love, so go live on candor's couch - rather Green Chair!


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