Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Total & utter Neb addiction.

I won't be posting again until Saturday. Nor tweeting. I have finally admitted it - I am totally and utterly addicted to this horrible thing in my monitor. I may as well be in solitary confinement (but with broadband). There really wouldn't be much difference.

For a long time I convinced myself that it was NOT an addiction, it was by choice, because I love it. But I think the defining attribute of addiction is persisting with something even when it is materially detrimental to your life. And this IS detrimental. I've done precisely 20 hours work in the past 2 weeks. Just now Mrs M & I will be living in a shack in the local shanty town (everything else having been repossessed by creditors), and you know what - I won't even have noticed, as I'll still be glued to this flickering rectangle thing about 40cm from my nose.

It's not gonna be easy. But for all-or-nothing BPGuy, cold-turkey is the only way. So if you see a post on here (Or my twitter widget) please be sure to curse the hell out of me.

PS. I won't be visiting any other blogs either for the next 4 days. I still love you but like I said it's Go Big, or Go Home.


  1. in julia cameron's "the artist's way," one of the weekly segments involves "reading deprivation," as we generally clutter our minds with too much info to allow ourselves to focus on creativity. this extends not only to books but also to the internet and to some extent television and radio as well.

    i did it and it was HARD and MISERABLE. but it did prove to me that i could do it, which i hadn't been sure about before.

    good luck.

  2. haha, bpg, you so funny man, always trying to CHANGE shit about yourself.

    dood! life changes on its own, why bother to change IT?

    just SIT until you understand who you are and love yourself for being that.

    i, assholy lazy bastard zee, salute thy stoicism in abandoning teh introwebbed addicktion. i shall give you a virtual congratulatory note or t-shirt mebbe: i survived 4 days without internet, so i rule! take that, google!

  3. If you are reading this and it isn't Sunday, May 27th yet, you'd better not be BPG.

    You may have noticed that MY blog receives new posts about once a week and they've been only photos all month. That means kodeureum's actually got a life!

  4. gekko, lay off dood, spending 25 of 24 on the net is ALSO a life! it's only when you're in this mode of beating yourself over the head for not doing something else than you're doing that it all becomes addiction and not having a life and so on and so forth.

    now check out my youboobs and tell me i don't gots a life yo!

  5. I just couldnt get into tweeter thingy myself- I still like messanger

  6. Go for it BPG. I only wish I could do it too. Even when I'm on vacation I have to log in once at day, for 30 min. or so, to take care of business.

  7. No offense, z0tl. I'm just making excuses for my negligent online presence.

  8. Anonymous24 May, 2007

    a bit of struggle but do your best , wish you the best luck BPG.

  9. Anonymous24 May, 2007

    How do we know you are not secretly reading these comments now? Removing your Internet upload persona but still downloading useless information?

  10. are you feeling all powerfool now in internet rehab?


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