Thursday, June 07, 2007

Neurologist appointment

I've finally done it. Made an appointment to see the Neurologist about the tremor shake in my hands. It's just too radical to dismiss as medication side effects.

What has really bought it into focus is my latest obssession with photography. When you're trying to hold your camera still to take a photo, you soon find out the severity of your handshake. And I'm getting exasperated when some of my better photos have to be tossed because of blur. It's really depressing. When light is low, not even my camera's Vibration Reduction, nor Photoshop's Sharpen Filter, can save some of the pics.

Just my luck, second to blindness I think the worst impediment for a photographer is shaky hands. I'm using a tripod fulltime now for stills shots. But I'm really keen to get into street photography and candid people shots. Did a few on the weekend, and its really exciting. You find interesting people, surreptitiously position yourself close to them and then secretly shoot them. Like I'm gonna be able to do this with a tripod!!!

So off to the Nuerologist it is. What's worrying is that my grandfather started developing Parkinson's in his 80s. Hope to fck it's not that. Who knows, maybe its something to do with the shock treatment the army gave me all those years back. Or maybe as one of the readers of this blog once pointed out (thanks V), it could be Thyroid related.

Or am I just a nervous wreck? I suppose one could be after 2 "nervous breakdowns".

PS: WillbeFine - well spotted. Seems like everything is going that way these days - it's not the "things-in-themselves" that count, but the combinations and relationships between things - BiPolar genes included.


  1. Anonymous07 June, 2007

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  2. mui bien, rodrigo, bpg keep up with please, i think 3 posts down (corrupt new wxrld) is way good.

  3. oh lovey, i'm sorry about everything. just everything.

  4. the appt sounds like a good idea and Im so sorry bout the problems with your daughter. Take comfort- its gets better when they get older (((BPG))))

  5. Did you ever get any relief from the shakes? I had them pretty bad, but they seem to have lessened since I dropped Depakote from my daily cocktails. I don't know if it was that or the divorce, but I'm back to taking photos at 1/4 second without any blur! From one photographer to another, the shakes were absolutely the worst symptoms/side effects of this damn disease (well, second to the suicide attempts I suppose). I already gave up wood working because shakes in the shop can cost me a finger.

    I hope you get that sorted out soon.


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