Monday, July 02, 2007

downward spiral

Time to face it - I'm sinking.

Got into bed at 7pm(ish) the last 3 nights. OK so I get up at 5am, but that's still wayyy too much sleep. During the day I'm just tired all the time. Energyless. Haven't been able to work properly for weeks now. It's like I've just totally written my business off. Inertia is the only thing keeping it going right now. Haven't emailed old friends for weeks.

The only thing that is retaining my interest is photography and even that is developing some cracks.

Is it winter? A kinda seasonal disorder thing (SAD)?

Shit, I'm even struggling to post to this blog these days...


  1. Anonymous02 July, 2007

    sending you some positive energy vibes :)

  2. You seem to be describing a mood swing towards depression ... I hope you get back to more stability, soon.

    Hang in there....

  3. sounds like bi-polar depression to me. Its not always a sudden crash, sometimes its a slow decline that just seems to be lethargic. Depression doesnt have to be suicidal to be depression. I wish you a upswing soon as possible but mild one as its sometimes believed that the crash will be as severe as the mania preceding or vice versa

  4. learn to enjoy your downward spiral, dood, stop beating yourself over too much sleep, too little productivity, go with the flow!

    when in bed, be in bed, when apeshit manic, be with the girl:z!

  5. I'm thinking you need a bit of rest and recuperation. Do what you can to keep your business viable but don't stress about not getting much done these days. In Canada people generally hibernate during the winter months. :-)

  6. its not even funny how when we have to be undercovers all the time makes us feel down and with no energy. not even to bathe.
    but i find myself working through this pushing system during those times.
    you gotta push yourself and real hard to, focus on every little thing and push..
    Keep pushing.

  7. Anonymous03 July, 2007

    Q. How do you eat an elephant?
    A. A bit at a time.

    Depression the elephant all grey and large may be trying to set up camp but it better be packing its trunk unless it wants to be BBQ'd.

  8. winter?
    oh you poor man
    i forgot about winter
    but i seem to recall it being
    something coldish

    use the bedness to be thoughful
    but not moribund and get up to a turnover soon. it took me a while but it came around.

    hang in.

  9. Been there way too often. I won't throw any platitudes your way. I wish I were near enough to say "I got 'ya." Just don't do something to yourself. Lots of friends read your blog, most tend not to leave comments. Hoping things turn around.


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