Sunday, July 01, 2007

the Point

I am the point.
I have no dimension.
I am empty and without bound.
I am the unfathomable depth.

Through me all things become.
Into me all things return.
I am and I am not.
In me there is no contradiction.

My word is ecstatic silence, longing to be.
I am the event horizon where desolation
Collides with unrestrained joy.
Aside from me, not even nothing is.

I am the point.
I am boundless.
I am closer to you than you.
I am beyond any thought, emotion or state.

Remember me and experience what I am.
Forget me and everything becomes grey death.
I am the point.
I am.

This poem was sent to me from Canada by a guy named Nick, who I got into contact with thru my website the WORD project . We corresponded via email for a while but I haven't spokent to him for over 2 yrs now. He wrote the poem himself and it remains one of my fave pieces of poetry of all time.

Episode 3 of "Psychosis & loved ones" in next few days.


  1. I like the poem a lot as well. And thanks for dropping by my site. I'll add you to my blogroll.


  2. good sentiments and sense of realization in the poem. i like it too. wish i could find quietude to let words flow from me like that. bummer about the traffic jam. still, more interesting than my sunday will be...

  3. I like the poem. It's very pensive and straight to the point. Seems like coming from the core of someone. I take medication too. My doctor was about to put me on three kinds of medication until I stopped him and went back to the pill I was taking for six years, zyprexa. Cheesy but just glad to connect.

  4. Anonymous17 July, 2010

    Funny how the Internet works ... I am the author of that poem.

    Somehow things fell off and I lost contact ... that happens sometimes in life.

    Of course life has taken many turns since last we spoke, the usual mix of joy and sorrow which is part and parcel of this journey.

    Anyway, I can be reached at

    My creative impulse has been focused on photography for quite sometime. see



  5. Awesome Nick! I've just sent you an email but it had a permanent bounce on the address you gave. Would b gr8 to connect.


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