Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My left hiking boot

Mrs M and I have started sketching. Actually re-started in my case, I was passionate about art in my youth, but the last time I did any sketching was over 15 years ago.

And I tell you what - I'm gonna do a lot more. The new creativity unleashed by photography is what has led to this. But it's got a different quality to photography - it's more participative; deliciously SLOW, almost meditative.

Yeah, I'm finding that spending less time on the Net has been a really good thing. Suddenly I've got loads of spare time. Can't believe how much time was getting gobbled up peering into w w wonderland. And my mind is more ordered and able to concentrate, no doubt relieved not to be flitting about at the speed of light from one web page to the next. Meditation sessions are going better than ever too. Don't get me wrong, I haven't turned into a Luddite, I've just made a decision to use the Net as a tool, not a lifestyle. Highly recommended.

Other stuff:

  • I merged my RSS readership stats from Feedburner with blogger and was bowled over to see that I got 34 RSS subscribers to this here blog! (see right bar widget) Hope you don't desert me now that daily(ish) is no longer happening :)
  • This emigration move is gonna take longer than expected. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get into other countries. Unless of course you're an oil sheik or sumptin' - just slap down your 2 million dollars (regardless of what kind of scumbag you are) and the world's your oyster.
  • Crime down here spirals worse and worse by the day - the country is only a degree or 2 away from total anarchy. Couple burglars in my garden this very afternoon. Just about every house on the road is up for sale. If total anrachy does hit, I won't bother making any formal immigration applications. I'll get a tourist visa, land somewhere, and never leave... (along with about 4 million other SA dudes). You guys out there living in the first world (shit, even the 2nd), you just dunno how lucky you got it.


  1. I miss sketching. Took it up during my first freak out some 15 years ago when I couldn't write or speak. Over the years it sort of drifted to collaging and then nothingness.

    I like your decision re: the Net. After (gasp) 10 years I'm ready for the same move.

    May the papers go through quickly. Stay safe.

  2. thats how alot of people do it here in America- you'd be in good company. They are talking bout passing a law to let them all stay as there are something like 12 million illegals here. If that does happen- maybe you ought to just bounce over here- we cant afford to throw out that many people anyway LOL

  3. Sorry raine--I wouldn't recommend anyone emigrate here. I love my country (it's pert of my identity), but I would move to British Columbia if I was rich enough to be accepted.

    Hey, BiPolar Etcetera--stick with the drawing! Did you do this drawing?

  4. Thats a really great sketch! I'm not great at sketching.. Managed to do a few landscapes but never anything with a huge amount of detail..

  5. Drawing is wonderful! Before you 'leave' the net (hah!) go to Amazon and get yourself 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.' Fantastic book and the only one you would need.

    Um we have the opposite prob in the US. We have the 2nd/3rd coming to Us!! Yeah, apparently all you need to get in our southern border IS is a good pair of boots! We're allowed to talk about it here like you and crime in S.A. - they tell us its racist to say a simple truth like I just did. For some reason, they're lovin' my area, so its like I'm already livin' the life. Can't wait to leave for more open pasture, myself! Cheers to your excursion!

  6. Anarchy would be the best thing then you can be a refugee. In fact, start your own revolutionary party and seek political asylum. Then the world would be your oyster.

  7. Hmm. I'm hoping you can get the equity out of your house before you move. Do banks offer anything like a reverse mortgage in SA, where they buy back your house from you with monthly payments? That might be the best way to go.

    Good luck with the emigration. I was looking at a map and realised that it's a pretty straight sail across to Perth, Australia. I still think you should swap for a boat. :-)

  8. Thanks for the reminder about keeping the internet in balance in our lives - just like everything else.


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