Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Feedback on the feedback

So I posted some ramblings about how/why/when I should write my next book. I appreciate the feedback, it often sheds great light on things that I myself don't see.

Yeah, Icarus is a great "icon" for the bipolar soul. Flying without wings :)

You also said: "Return to the coincidences that never happened." That's my friggin problem. The coincidences ARE still there. They're, real, they're profound - the few people I've told about them have confirmed this. I try my hardest to be objective about these experiences and own a book called "Beyond Coincidence" which catalogues some of the world's greatest coincidences. I promise you - mine are right up there. And the niggling thing is it's not just ONE coincidence, it's a string of coincidences each one linking perfectly into the other.

Admittedly, they excited me so much at the time that I did go over the edge, and probably read more ramifications into them than there actually were. But which came first: the coincidences ot the excitement about them????

Anonymous 1
Said: "Make haste slowly my friend". Man, what a cool saying. I love it and it will no doubt be used in this here bloggy in future times.

Anonymous Mom
Said: "does it matter if it was all psychosis?" As usual you're so right - it actually doesn't matter in the end. We are the only people that will ever experience our own experiences - why do we need others to VINDICATE them?

Said: "Have you considered fictionalizing your experiences?" Yeah I've often thought that would probably be the best way to do it. I'm a bit daunted by fiction though - I have very little experience and also don't read enough fiction (90% non-fiction). But maybe I'll give it a go...

Said: "It's all your mind." What isn't?? :)

Said: "make it less philosophical and mostly personal." Yeah, the first book would no doubt have done better if the ideas weren't so obscure. I'm wary of making it too much about ME & MY LIFE though, as it can get very egocentric. The philosophy, believe it or not, often gets me out of myself (which is a good thing).

Also said: "want to read your second book. Is it still in print?" Yep, it surely is still in print - by virtue of the wonderful fact that it never sold out in the first place. You can get it from Amazon here. If you have trouble with Amazon I can ship copies myself but the postage from down here is a bit steep. You can also find out more about the book here.

Anonymous 2
Said: 'Where can I pre-order a copy of your second one' . Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence, always inspires further work. Rest assured that if and when my next book comes out - you'll most certainly know about it on this blog.

Anonymous 3
Said: http://spiritualemergency.blogspot.com has a lot of related material. Yes, I know that blog, it's a goodie. It used to have a link back to mine.

said: "Don't sell the impact of your first book short Chris." Thanks for your continued support V. Glad you managed to plough your way through my other book, and found something of value in it.


Saw a great quote over the weekend by one of my fav authors, William Gibson.

"No book ever gets written by the guy walking around talking about writing a book"
Best I get writing...


  1. that thing that gibson said and why write a book, go for movie script and you know, make the next "blair witch project" -

    but yeh one more thing, why is it important to you that other validate your coincidences/experiences?

    learn to be alone in experiencing your trip/movie/life & you'll be happy as a clam in the long run.

  2. we're all in your head dood, stop trying to convince us of anything.

  3. the terrorists have won.

  4. Let me share a couple of my "coincidences".

    I was born to a mother MARY Catherine and a father Owen JOSEPH. I lived the first 5 years of my live 50 metres from STABLES. I like to call that one the, "New Messiah" coincidece.

    On one day I was fired from a company called QUADstone and travelled 500 miles from the East Side of Scotland to the West Side of Ireland in one manic unplanned trip and ended up in a tiny village called ROUNDstone. On arriving I realised I was the, "SQUARE peg in the ROUND hole", coincidence.

    Manic insights?


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