Thursday, September 06, 2007

you and me, both

self portrait 2
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YES, this is still a blog about BiPolar. And NO, don't panic, this will be the last photoshop piece I load for while.

I know this because I can feel the winds of change blowing. Soon I'm going to be flipping into some completely different creative direction. It's the story of my life... A month ago it was sketching. Before that, photography. Thrown into each one obsessively for a month or 2.

I'm not sure what it will be next. You never can tell. Gotta just leave it in the hands of the mood gods. Maybe I'll start writing again, a sequel has been nagging at me for a good long time. Or maybe I''ll start doing a few Word Art tweens. Or perhaps I'll get back into reading for a while (fiction hopefully this time).

Whichever way, I'll be moving on.

But I'll be back to Photoshop art one day. Just as I'll be back to photography. It's all part of the BiPolar Merry-Go-Round...

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  1. The neat thing for me, being bipolar, is that the Merry Go Round goes full circle. Bipolars are notoriously creative. Wherever you move next, the soil bears fruit. That's why I like your blog so much. I, for one, am urged to keep pace. The scenery is wonderful!


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