Saturday, October 13, 2007

Facebook ROCKS!!

I know I was whinging about Facebook the other day. I also thought that, Oh NO, its just another online addictive escape from the real world.

But it ROCKS!!
I've been glued to it for 48 hours.
I spoke recently about how far apart and out-of-synch my offline and online worlds are. Well FACEBOOK is the interFACE that I've been missing. At last my cyberworld and meatspace world are meeting each other. Yeah, like real flesh-and-blood friends from the past. Besides all the hard-core REclusivity of the past few years, I dug around a bit and found that, yes, I DO actually have quite a few friends in the real world. I was NOT always a hermit.

And its giving me a HUGE buzz. Social Energy has been lacking from my life in an overwhelming way in the past few years, and I'm beginning to see that I will never lift myself out of this rut hiding away in my hole. Time to BURST the bubble. I'm GONNA socialize. And even if it means starting to drink the odd beer now and then ( I gave up alcohol remember) it'll be worth it.

One of these days I'm gonna SMASH all the firewalls down. No more boundaries between my online self and my offline self. I'm gonna smash down every friggin one of 'em. And if the offline world discovers, yeah, Chris is a freakin' bipolar lunatic, well SO BE IT. I'm tired of hiding.


  1. Keep breathing, bro. Keep breathing... and take it slow. You can socialize, but why get back on the alcohol wagon?

    If I were you I would re-read what you wrote on the alcohol in your blog some time ago? Remember those "gut a gun" hangovers? I used to get those too (until I quit drinking) you know so I know what you're talking about there. It's not pretty, so why risk it?

    Yes, break the bubble. DO socialize! Break free, man! But think again about the booz.

    Good luck!

  2. Of course it gives us a huge buzz. That's why I avoid it. :)

    But C. you know better than I do that socializing does not require a beer, even an odd one. Please ponder on that a bit. Write it down 500 times if you have to.

    Bipolar and beer do NOT mix well.

  3. Certainly Mrs. BPG has pointed-out that you're all over the place these days? That's not criticism, friend, but caring.

    Remember: Make haste slowly.

  4. i'm sure i pointed you out to sean (bipolarorwakingup@youtube) before, i'm sure you'd get a kick out of his vids:

    mania is spiritual 1/2
    mania is spiritual 2/2

    whatchu need to get off the illness bandwaggon...

  5. Excessive enthusiasm is to be approached with fear and trepidation. Be aware, be very aware.

  6. Amen, brother!

    I "came out of the closet" months ago, and to tell the truth, the only real difference it's made is that I feel much freer. Nobody treats me any differently, nobody has shunned me.

    And, because of my job, and the fact that it is where I came out of the closet, there are literally HUNDREDS who know that I'm bipolar.


  7. I can identify with you, been trying to break free from a similar reclusive state of mind recently.

    Facebook allows you the opportunity to enter into the 'meat-world' much easier than simply diving into it from where you are at the moment. Think about it...if nothing else, you get to edit and double check (and think about) everything you say to someone else in this space. no such luxury in the real world.

    Yeah, and think well about the alcohol, being a depressant and all.

  8. Hey BP Guy,
    This is too funny, I just had my post about 'no friends' and 'reseclusity.' I have come to the conclusion that I really don't mind too much. Of course, seeing that you have the exact same issue makes me feel a lot better!
    I've always been in hiding. Maybe that's my fascination w/ celebrities and the movie industry as I often feel that I am acting - and am good at it! Even actors have a private life, where people know them well and love them for them and I've got that too.
    I don't know what FaceBook is, but I put that under the category of: hobby/something to do. And beer? Put a liquid that won't mess you up into a cup and no ones ever gonna ask. If its something that caused problems before, you are more important. Maybe like the same reason you take your meds, even when its boring or a pain to remember, sometimes we are forced to be better than the average bear.:)

  9. I like facebook for social networking and keeping in touch with old friends but its no bueno when it comes to discovering bands. I find the layout of myspace to be nauseating so I've been using to find and follow new music acts.


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