Sunday, October 14, 2007

It's complicated...

I said that I wanted to start demolishing the firewalls between my online persona and offline personas. So I drew the above diagram to clarify in my mind how it all fits together. Complex or what???*

In the middle you'll see Firewall 1. On the left of this firewall is what you guys know of me. On the right is my recently established REAL NAME (with REAL MEATY FRIENDS) Facebook account. And the place where I want to make the first attack on Firewall 1, is where the big dark arrow breaks thru the wall.**

You may notice that there's also a Firewall 2 to the right. This is the one that seperates my biz life from my private life (online and offline private). This second firewall will be the last I ever breakdown (if ever). Because the industry that I work in is so full of arsehole conservative suited morons that any whiff of bipolarhood would likely send them scuttling to their mommies.

Not sure if you really needed to know all of that, but there it is anyway :)
Thanks for the comments and concern on last post. You guys are right, the alcohol decision needs more consideration first. 2. Yes, I know I've been like a pinball on steroids lately - I think the spring sunshine is finally kicking in. But rest assured the over-enthusiasm will soon fizzle. It's Monday tomorrow remember.
Later ...
*This excludes all my other web accounts like YouTube, Lulu, Bookcrossing, Feedburner, Technorati, Google sites etc. etc.
** I'm happy to report that since writing this post one of my readers and fellow BiPolars has broken thru firewall 1 and is now an official friend on Facebook.


  1. *yawn* only thing you gots to do is stop believing you're ILL dodo, stop ever referring to yourself as BIPOLAR (try "i'm batshit eccentric mofo arsehole supreme or something on your biznizz card, see if it goes any bettah with your conservative partners) anyhoo friggin breaking down firewall & privacy issues. you're trapped in yo own lita head, no other firewalls whatsoevah... now crack your skull open, sip your brains out with a straw, free the Mind & move along home. i'll be pleased to make your acquaintance face to face (not facebook my ass bullshit) when you get out.

  2. That you recognize you're "a pinball on steroids" lately is comforting. In that case, enjoy yourself, but beware becoming a Kris Kristofferson song Monday A.M.

  3. LOL...and I thought I was bad.

  4. well I'd break thru your firewall too but I closed my facebook account cause it was boring LOL

  5. i can still see the protection of splitting. was just warned of facebook the otherday. i laughed as i wasn't drinking with underaged students on my facebook thus losing my teaching position, as the friend of a friend of a "heard this sorta shit happens" paranoiabandwagon. i don't care who sees me drink what, and unless there is dryice bubbling out of it, chances are it's pretty dull...."oooh" distilled grains! much more likely to be tea in my case. or my facebook persona face. but one thing facebook has is fun tools for drawing. the last two pics i posted on eric were done on facebook from original premanipulated mac images...
    blah blah blah...

    anyway. eric's a bit rusty in the palm. but we're making gluelike headway :)
    nice to be home


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