Monday, October 15, 2007

World Cup Rugby

The pic on the right is Nelson Mandela congratulating the South African rugby captain when we one the World Cup in 1995. It was one of the finest moments in South African history.

Well that moment is about to be repeated. Our defeat of Argentina last night place us in the Finals next Saturday. We're playing England in Paris, and I'm betting we gonna win.

So Saturday night we got a get2getha planned, and we're gonna do real traditional "Sef Efrican" stuff - Braai Boerewors, Eat biltong, and drink plenty beer (non-alcoholic beer in my case).

They say Nelson Mandela is going to fly out to be at the game and a win is going to unite our whole country.

Viva South Africa!

PS: I never won the Lotto on Saturday say all those auspicious signs about "OTTO" proved meaningless. So I think I'm gonna skip esoteria for a while, because surely if somebody/thing wanted to reassure me beyond doubt that all of this synchronicity in my life is meaningful they woulda let me win the Lotto. I mean it was their perfect opportunity...


  1. As a Scotsman I will be fully behing South Africa's HUMILIATION of England on Saturday.

    Sorry about the Lotto, maybe you otto, disregard signs, that is my motto.

  2. Who says you didn't win anything. Maybe you did, it just wasn't money. :)

  3. Dont feel too bad, there were so many people thinking that 7-7-2007 meant something and buying lottery tickets that day that I hear they started refusing to sell anymore at 7 am just in case they did start hitting. OR the ones with numbers 7 on em or something like that. Alot of people have similar um "delusions" "hopes" "dreams" what ever you wanna call it you are not alone with that issue.I hope you didnt buy too many.


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