Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Net privacy paranoia

I was having an email discussion with a friend yesterday. We wus talking about Facebook, and he said he'd never go there because "it was a personal data nightmare waiting to happen."

It highlighted something I've been thinking about for a while, so here's the reply email I sent to him ('scuse the typos - this was a cut-n-paste job):

As regards the personal data danger on Facebook, I've got a whole new take on Internet privacy. As long as you don't spend time surfing porn sites, or are an Al Queda operative, or have something else to hide - what's the problem? Having spent 8 years trying to market various websites etc. I'd be only too happy if someone/engine bothered to actually differentiate me from the zillions of other gigs out there. Besides, if you're really worried about privacy don't EVER use Google. They've got more info on you than anyone else in the universe (besides perhaps your ISP...).

You're never going to get away from web advertising so ask yourself - would you rather be plastered with stuff you have ZERO interest in, or adverts that are actually stuff that you personally might REALLY like?


Am I just been naive? Whaddya think?


  1. It seems if you commit any crimes these days the use of online community sites are the first port of call for the journalistic jurors.

  2. Dude...you are so NOT not naive, I think what you're saying is felt by a handful of people who are starting to think about this stuff.

    My impression is that people are not think about their privacy because the problems have not yet begun. (I spent some time thinking about it and wrote this note: Am I being Stalked Online?.)

    We seem to accept being plastered with mostly useless advertising as part of the web. And we don't worry about all of the data capture that is going on in the name of companies trying to sell to us.

    But I was fed up and so I have started to try to regain my own privacy by controlling my own information, who knows what about me and when.

    In the vain hope that some marketer might consider what I want when they throw an advertisement in my face, I have given them some information to work with - see Too Much Information

  3. get over yourselves, none of you are worth stalkin'...

  4. HAHAHAHA Zotl- exactly what I have said more than once. What the hell would anyone want to stalk me for? If they want to hang round my lawn all they have to do is knock on the door and come in and have a cup of coffee LMAO. Actually I have been stalked so many times in real life by rejected boyfriends I am no longer afraid of stalkers. They wanna stalk me? I stalk em back- no problem. I do know how to get rid of stalkers. Online stalkers? First I am just not that interesting. Second if someone DID want to stalk me online for some strange reason .... well then...ok go ahead-wont hurt me any :P

  5. Hey Raine, that's the point, you're not necessarily being stalked by individuals online, it's corporations who want to sell you stuff. Anyway, I read your blog, you seem to be going through some pretty trying times right now. My prayers are with you.

  6. Thanks Gam I appreciate that. They are stalking me to sell me stuff? HA! good luck with that :P


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