Saturday, November 10, 2007


If you've been following for a while, you might have gathered that my interests have taken one of their major "seasonal" shifts. I'm not so much in the Buddhist mind-space at the moment (and before the Buddhism mindset, it was the Photography obsession). I'm now back into the Neb addiction, geekery thing.

Does that mean I no longer have a Buddhist bent?? Definitely not. Buddhism will be back - it's just part of the BiPolar merry-go-round. (...still meditating every day). I don't even resist these schizophrenic type shifts anymore, just surf each wave to the max as it comes along.

And anyway, "Stability" is getting fast demoted in this postmodern world. Solid central structures are collapsing all around us. Creativity, spontaneouty and yes, even a little chaos, is where its at.

So whilst on this geekery craze let me expound on this post , where I diagrammed the complicated network of my online life. Besides those major accounts where I spend most of my time, here are some of the other Web 2.0 type accounts where you'll find BeePeeGee:

  • Technorati
  • Bookcrossing
  • Quotiki
  • Frappr
  • Image Chef
  • lulu
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo/O'Reilly Buzz game
And this excludes my "strictly - biz" accounts (which are aplenty too), along with probably a dozen sites I've joined up on but completely forgotten about.

Overdose, I know, but at the moment I'm loving it.


  1. Is this leaping from one obsessive enthusiasm to the next actual bp phenomena? I'm bp and it describes me to a "t".

    Drives me crazy, but your rationale is oddly comforting (if novel).

  2. Obsessing is the spice of life. :)

  3. Where is the fun in consistency?

  4. BiPolarGuy...I just gotta tell ya man. You are such an awesome inspiration. I read your postings daily, have kept up with you for over a year, I emailed ya last year and you wrote me back, I just wantcha to know I fucking love ya man. Fucking love ya. You're so awesome man. Your experiences, your postings utterly speak to me man. May you thrive and be blessed DEAR SIR. Michael

  5. no Bigger Truth has evah been spoken: WE FUCKIN LUV YA MAN!

    glad to hear you've stopped obsessing over being obsessed with temporary things temporarily.

    SURF'S UP and it's 5PM somewhere, whether in secondlife or whatnot.


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