Saturday, November 17, 2007


  • Miss L
    In Feb last year I kidnapped my daughter (here) To cut a very long story very short Miss L has not lived with us this year, but Kidnap 2.0 is coming up in December. But this time she's in on the plans - we've been strategising for the last 2 months. (not that she wasn't in on the plans last time, it was just a whole lot more rushed) Watch this Space...

  • Emigration to New Zealand
    The whole process is rolling ahead now with an invitation from London to apply for round 2. The process is starting to go much too quick for our likings as the earliest we'll be able to leave is 2011 ( and even then don't really want to)

  • Medical Reports from military psychiatric ward
    After been promised that I would be sent my records from the 3 month psychotic breakdown I endured whilst in the SA Army, I'm still being messed around. Plenty emails back and forwards from the Secretary of the Department of Defence (DOD) , and also the Surgeon General, but now they claiming my force number is slightly different to the one they have on record. Sounds goldfishy to me. I really need some closure on that.

  • Latest Craze
    I was talking about how fast obsessions come and go in my bipolar life, and I've decide that "craze" is probably a very appropriate word. Anyway the latest one is Chess. Got about 4 games going on at the same time on my Facebook account.

    And whilst on this note, older readers may have wonderered where Kodeureum dissapeared to, he being one of the longest and most regular posters on this blog. Well he's playing one of those chess games against me. Has been for the past 2 weeks (we usually get in only a move or 2 each day). One of the other games is against another "BiPolar Planet" member.

  • Software
    After my love affair with Firefox, I've now switched from ms Outlook to Thunderbird. Very happy so far although my junk filter is playing up. Probably a compatibility issue with Norton 360. If it weren't for a few highly specialised SEO programmes I'm running I'd be tempted to switch to Linux and Ubuntu too. Then I'd finally be able to sign off my emails as one of my geek friends does - "Certified 100% Microsoft free"

  • Ergonomix
    My right shoulder and mouse hand are taking some serious stress at the mo. Serious RSI stuff. One thing I've just done is move my taskbar to the top instead of the bottom. I reckon I'll cut my mouse mileage by over 50%. I mean like you're always at the top of your screen clicking around on IE or, if you're switched on, Firefox tabs, and then when you need to shoot into excel or word or whatever your fancy, you gotta travel your mouse miles from the top of the screen to the bottom. Whoever defaulted the taskbar to the bottom in the first place was doing things arse-about-face (in my humble biPolar opinion)

...I didn't call this blog "etcetera" for nuttin'.


  1. Cure for your repetitive strain on your mouse hand.

    1. Swap hands. (Not so difficult as it sounds. You will be fully adaptive in 2 weeks.)

    2. Change your mouse for the "trackball" type where your thumb is used to do the clicking or even the rolling. No more shoulder stress and finger/wrist fatique.

    Mouse Samples

  2. i play chess & i have facebook (just for that purpose, i now realized), so get the game going, i be there, but of course...

  3. are you planning to take Miss L with you to New Zealand?

  4. Hey dude, where'd you disappear to?


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