Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm still here. Blame it on rapidly rotating and increasingly obsessive obsessions. I've finally taken an interest in my business. It happened overnight, from putting in about 3 hours a week for the past 7 months (I kid you not), to 12 hours a day. And when these waves come along I GOTTA surf them to the Max, because when I'm depressed the first thing that goes out the window is work. So like right now I've got about 3 years work to catch up on.

It seems like my biz has finally turned the corner. Profit territory at long FCKN last. Which makes spending hours and hours on it a bit more exciting. But don't get me wrong, we're not out of the woods yet with the financial situation, and with Miss L hopefully living with us next year, we could still get sunk.

Raine asked is Miss L is gonna emigrate with us to New Zealand. First off, the answer is IF we emigrate to New Zealand. I'm still holding out for some kinda miracle in this country, and the accelerating violent crime to take a rapid deceleration. If we do go, Miss L will certainly come with. One caveat - providing ARESHOLE, PIG-HEADED, BASTARD, PRICK, FUCK-HEAD, C***, DILDO-BRAIN, STEP-DAD signs the neccessary papers (which he's intimated that he won't).

Which is why I've been saying that we can't go before 2011. By then miss L will be 18 and we won't need ARESHOLE, PIG-HEADED, BASTARD, PRICK, FUCK-HEAD, C***, DILDO-BRAIN, STEP-DAD's signature.

One day I'm gonna write a book: "An Illegal Fatherhood".

Hopefully I'll post something more meaty on the weekend...


  1. Remember you can not change the other person you can only change the way you react to them.

  2. Regarding the multiple-expletive step-dad, at least your daughter's stepdad isn't a snail-eating frog. ;-)


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