Sunday, November 25, 2007

NON Non-Fiction

I am so into reading fiction at the moment. Just finished Daemon, JPod, and "Pattern Recognition" by William Gibson is next. I'm actually getting sick of all this "bare-bones" reality stuff. Grinding through book after book of non-fiction.

It's part of a greater NON-Fiction manifesto that I'm living out at this point in my life. I just think that worlds where there are less stringent boundaries between reality and fantasy are far more accommodating for someone who has straddled the boundaries so many times.

And maybe that's why when I was riding my last obesession - photography - I ended up gravitating from my "Pure photos" account, to my "Photoshop Art" account. The Pure Photos account housed my photos in their unsullied form. No photoshop tweaks, no special effects, just "WYSWIG". Serious purist photographer stuff. i.e - My Non-fiction Account.

The Photoshop Art account was where I went wild and just had fun, putting the original pics thru so damn many filters that the psychadelic swirl that resulted bore no resemblance to the underlying original photo. Pure delectable fiction bliss...

And one day, when I finally get round to writing my second book, I'm gonna fictionalise the whole thing. Hey, what's the fckn difference anyway? When I tell my true story most people think I'm bullshittin' anyways.

(Kinda like my Dad's dilemma, he being a Master landscape photographer. With so much photoshop tweaking around these days, people often think he's tweaked some of his more unusual original photos. And when he indignantly denies it (he is, after all, a Purist photographer), they just think in their minds, "Yeah, yeah, friggin' cheat!")

So I say - just go for it. Tweak the shit out of all your stuff. Embellish, Lie, Joke and most important: Have fun.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
- George Bernard Shaw

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