Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A meeting with the Guru

BPG: “Oh Great guru, I, BiPolar Guy, come to you with a weighty and vexing problem”

Guru: “Speak, BiPolar Guy, what is your problem?”

BPG: “Well it’s like this Oh guru, over the years I have read many of those wisest and most esteemed Eastern philosophy texts…”

Guru: “ Proceed my BiPolar one”

BPG:“Oh guru, these texts so often talk about enlightenment being the ablity to see things as they really are

Guru: “Yes, they do say that BiPolar Guy, so what is the problem?”

BPG:“Well, O guru, I have, over the past months, been thinking real hard about all this and I have come to the logical conclusion that there is NO ‘things as they really are.’ It is all a big myth - a falsehood - so how can I continue to believe in the Eastern sages of yore? They are wrong when they talk about a things as they really are.”

Guru: “Are they wrong?”

BPG:“Yes, because there is NO things as they really are”

Guru: “But BiPolar Guy, that is exactly how things really are”

* photo by me


  1. So, when got lost I looked up the stars, when I wanted to be at home I looked at the face of the Moon.In all the astral............this is my home...The smell, sight and I am of me, of Africa.


  2. I have observed recently that my mother in law and I can read the same words on paper and come to two different interpetations. Myself and a whole family can listen to the same doctor speak the same words but yet when each person repeats what they heard it is never the same as the person that was sitting next to them and it was never the same as what I heard.

  3. Of course not. There is no reality, only perception. (One might argue that there is an absolute truth hidden somewhere, but if nobody can see it, is it still true?)

  4. I didn't know that the Wizard of Oz was the Great Guru!



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