Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do BiPolars get more headaches?

Based on 53 responses.

Yip, I'm in the majority on this one. Anyone care to venture a reason why BiPolars get more headaches than most?


  1. Because our brains are always just on the verge of exploding?

  2. I didn't know there was a survey or else I would put my 2 cents in: out of every thing a bipolar can get it has always been my abiding and true pleasure that:

    I don't get headaches. I get them less than normies for sure, as my favorite normie, Husband, gets 'em plenty.

    I get swollen Vienna sausage fingers, I don't remember the last time I had an ankle, for the same reason, I've mostly conquered the shaking thing (to my GREAT pleasure and happiness, especially while publically eating), I'm fat (but not as much as you might think), my back hurts but I try to pretend it doesn't - but these are all physical side effects for me.

    Not talking about how many days I spend in bed, how much I cry for 'no reason' how I'd like to end it all, or how damn mad I get easily and fast and it won't go away.

    But, no headaches for me. Hope you can fit that on a pie chart.
    :) Sincerely,

  3. I would say that I get more headaches than most. About 5 years ago I started getting migraines as well. It feels like my head is going to split open.

    Just my 5c worth.


  4. If the question is whether or not I'm using street drugs, the answer is no.

  5. If the Q is whether or not I am or have been using street drugs, the answer is, no.

  6. No, no... I was thinking meds, not really street drugs. If they might be the cause of headaches... I'm sure you're clean Simone :)

  7. LOL! OK, on the meds side, it can't be that because I was only diagnosed early this year. The most I've taken is antidepressants over the last 12 years. With or without them I get headaches. Cigarettes and coffee play a big role. I can see when I haven't had enough coffee or too many cigarettes for the day, I get a headache. But that's a different headache. I can feel the difference.

  8. its probaly medication that bipolar take-side effects. Also every headache is caused by dying of neurons... and depression as well as mania are times when neurons get killed.

  9. i am not a doctor, but I would advice everyone who is bipolar to take up seriously a sport (not just 1 a week but 5 times/week for an hour each). nutrition and all this you guys probably know, but I would also do serious meditation. I don’t mean sitting around but practicing controlling anger. A friend of my who is bipolar1 did this has now already 10 years no outbreaks at all!!!(and he did stop taking medicine-you have to be careful when you go of medicine so don’t stop until you are well on the way in exercise and meditation-at least for few months-and even then go of slowly in steps. He noticed that whenever he was depressed he felt offended but it was always just in his mind-he interpreted everything people did in the worst possible way that they do it to somehow harass him, offend him etc and got depressed. Training himself to control anger helped him to avoid this triggers. One way he conditioned his mind was by imagining every person who he think offended him had no free will, but that it was just the expression of their own problems.

    (You don’t get angry at a stone if it fells on your foot because it has no free will- so why should you get offended on people who act out on you because of their own problems). So thinking this way he trained himself to YES be verbally abused and not take it personal, but instead even reply with love and kindness. He started training by peacefully accepting small disturbances in his life or small offences, building slowly up to real serious offences where another person would literally be mean to him for a minute or two (his friend who trained him) and he has to remain peaceful and reply always with love and kindness. Soon he was not "touched" by the outside and less depresses until he complete destroyed the depression. Once he controlled one cycle guess what happed? Yes the other cycle (mania) was also controlled (self regulated). I don’t say this is easy or that it would work for everyone, but it would definitely help everyone to cope better with stress which is the main trigger of bipolar. Also there is a strong relation between being angry and depressed and learning to control anger and replace it with peace can only help. Beside there are no negative side effects like you see with all drugs.


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