Saturday, December 01, 2007

Living without answers

"Rather Questions that cannot be Answered, than Answers that cannot be Questioned"

Pretty damn spot-on in my bipolar opinion. AKA Fundamentalism Sucks.

But what does it mean to live with "Questions that cannot be Answered". How can we make peace with this problem? And it IS a problem, maybe one of the most pressing problems faced by the Postmodern world. Ever since all of the steadfast, "church-spire" certainties from yesteryear were challenged and found wanting , we are left in a kinda void. No solid land left to cling onto. So to Survive you gotta "LEARN HOW TO SWIM".

And once you can swim, you'll see that it's actually kewl fun. It liberates you from the shackles of the earth; gives you a freedom to glide wherever your will takes you. A liquid flow. And then you can say to yerself "See, I didn't drown. That goddam rail I been clinging to my whole life was just holding me back, propping up my fear of the water."

It all comes back to PERHAPS (something I spoke about in this post). If a question remains at large (i.e. unanswered) , then the flame of Possiblity, is still left alive. As in:

Which Way??

Perhaps THIS way...

Perhaps THAT way

Yeah, the door is still open. Final answers lock doors. They forever shut people in, and they forever shut people out. Not even a Messiah could arrive.

Some people call the Perhaps Approach "wishy-washy". But that's mainly because they can't swim.


  1. Bipolar Guy, I'm inviting you to read my newly private blog, onset of reality. If you're interested let me know via this comments board and I'll make it happen.

  2. I'm by no means as eloquent as you, but here's my opinion. I think it all boils down to HOPE, the hope that there's something better. Tomorrow, things will be better. Hope is pretty powerful to a human being. It makes you go to bed, and get up and face the next day. (Have you ever seen a movie called Shawshank Redemption?) That's the kick-in-the-pants with depression: it FEELS LIKE there is no hope. That brings me to the next thing: FEELINGS. When you are bipolar, you cannot rely on "FEELINGS". You have to live by the physical evidence of your life. E.g. (Arb example)"Today the electricity is still on". I.e. I am not terrible at running a household, even though it FEELS like I am. That's physical evidence. So a bipolar person must constantly be aware of FEELINGS. But let me not go on and on. Back to HOPE: As a biplar person, you must believe that there is hope, even though it doesn't FEEL like there is hope. That's a tough one...


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