Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flexible reality

" 'Psychopath's not a narrow term anymore', I said carefully 'I've heard it applied to whole cultures on occassion. Reality is so flexible these days, it's hard to tell who's disconnected from it and who isn't. You might even say it's a pointless distinction.' "

- Takeshi Kovacs, pg 284 Altered Carbon

If cyberpunk is your thing (think William Gibson, Neal Stephenson) then this book by Richard Morgan is a MUSTREAD. Set in the 26th century where chips are implanted in just about everyone; you can download your consciousness into different bodies; and virtual reality is virtually real, who the fck is in touch with "reality" any more?

...oh yeah, and it won the Philip K Dick prize for best Sci-Fi recently...


  1. what is it you're downloading bpg, a set of memories?

    like you kidnapping ms L and a grand root canal you "endured" 8 kalpas ago?

    people and their attachments to the past.

    when there is nothing more to forget, then what?

    anyway, happy uploading & may you be free of lamictal next spring or else there won't be any point in downloading whatever's left.

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