Sunday, December 09, 2007


So I was digging thru some old books at my parents house the other day, and I came across this coffee table book of South Africa, published 1974.

Here's some interesting snippets:

On the existence of the Coloured peoples in the Western Cape:

" this race group arose from a Bio-genetic contact situation..."


Yeah, you fckn whiteys of yore went and shagged the darkies on the side and then abandoned your children to attend Whites Only Church Services on Sunday! "Bio-genetic contact situation", my friggin arse! Is that meant to confuse us or something?? Call a goddam Dick a Dick.

And what about this beauty from the foreword:

" However, South Africa and South Africans are the target for criticisms of the country's internal policies. This came with the so called "Winds of Change" - the real origin of which remains to be defined - when systems required a 'bete noire' to balance their home-grown 'bete blanche' "

Huh?? Anyone care to translate this for me? (I think they're talking about Apartheid).

PS: This wasn't some subversive rightwing text, it was a just a normal run-of-the-mill mainstream coffee table book of South Africa, studded with photos of our gorgeous landscape. A book, in 1974, that you could expect to find on anyone's table, even the "liberals" down the road.

As Forrest Gump says: "Keep your bullshit detector in good workin' order"


  1. The environment you live in defines the world you see.

  2. The term bĂȘte noire (French for black beast) refers to someone or something unwanted or even hated, a pet peeve or strong annoyance.

  3. Well...back at the time that book was written, SA was regarded as right wing in the extreme because of aparthate -- er -- apartheid

  4. I'll bet it was written by one of those "mensa members" :p


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