Sunday, December 16, 2007

Potholes Ahead

Emigration is looking more and more like its gonna happen. Mainly 'cos Kidnap 2.0 is pretty much fait accompli, and Miss L will in all likelihood live with us til finishing school. A new start for us all, as a family unit, is a Big Opportunity.

The fact that South Africa could very soon have a president who is presently in court for major fraud; was in court recently for rape charges; doesn't have a high school education; and often publicly sings "Bring me my machine to shoot all the whiteys", doesn't make emigration seem so bad either. The most worrying thing about this whole tragedy is not so much that the incumbent is an A-Hole (what politician isn't?) but that the majority of this country can actually be behind him.

So our emigration application is going full steam ahead. Which means that in the next 4 months we all have to go for a huge battery of blood tests... Oops. Did someone see psychiatric drugz in my blood? Musta been a mistake, I'm the guy that ticked "No psychiatric problems" in the original application forms. (who wouldn't have? Think I'm gonna be stuck in a genocide because i'm BiPolar???)

So I've emailied a medical doctor cousin of mine to see what the liklihood of Lamictal or Prozac showing up in blood tests is. And I can promise you that if I need to Cold Turkey on all meds for a week or 2 prior to the tests in order to clear my blood out, I'll friggin' do it! My cousin hasn't got back to me yet, so any pharmacists out there with knowledge on drug half-lives, would be more than welcome :)

seen as everyone was arguing about the value of Routine last post, I thought I'd quote my ol' mate Hunter S. Thompson:

"Anybody with a terminally jangled lifestyle needs at least one psychic anchor every twenty-four hours, and mine is breakfast."


  1. Wow, they didn't say anything at all about 'shooting the whiteys' when I was checking out the 'best places to live' slideshow.

    They mentioned New York City, which I'm pretty sure I couldn't even afford to have a hotel room for one day in, let alone the cheapest rat/roach infested place to live in! Maybe just a nice place to visit??

    So, I'm not too shocked they were lying about Cape Town, as well.

    You might want to mention that Hunter S. Thompson was not only bipolar, but committed suicide.

    Personally, his writings or life don't speak to me. But, he certainly is considered an iconic figure, and we're all entitled to our opinion.

  2. I am the frog, with Boiling The Frog Syndrome. But where I sit, I see my moon, with the happy face, the sky is African blue and at sunset the colours full my champagne glass until my soul boils into the place I have seen, the place I have been and where I am now.

    In search, as to where I should go, or where I should be are my celestial beings. I know where I belong just by opening my eyes and they smile.

    Just let them smile at you Chris and you laugh.


  3. The world is a f*ckin powderkeg. "Get thee to a nunnery" - or at least to New Zealand sez this ex-pat Epicurean who left the States for (saner) Canada.

  4. And now we know it's the rapist (with corruption charges still pending) over the HIV-doesn't-cause-AIDS leader of the ANC.

    GET OUT!

  5. Yeah, I've always been very much pro-SA, but with JZ about to step into power I'm kinda shitting myself.


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