Friday, January 25, 2008

Runaway Fire

A fire has just ravaged through Scarborough (6 x houses burnt to the ground, 1 x fire-engine melted). It's now coming over the hill behind our house. Pics taken 25 minutes ago (by me)

see full series of photos here

Simone T - will answer you next time - right now I've gotta dash

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  1. Wikipedia -

    The town of Scarborough lies within the Western Cape province of South Africa situated on the Cape Peninsula.

    This town was designated as a conservation village in April 1996, defined as "a residential area of limited extent, surrounded by a conserved natural landscape, committed to reverse past environmental damage and to avoid future environmental impacts."

    Best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. Should we be concerned since we havent' heard from you since the fire? It looked like it was coming awfully close.


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