Thursday, February 14, 2008

yet more...



  1. what you need to do is stop talking to fellow bipolars, unless it is about something completely different than bipolar.

    otherwise, no recovery for you! only relapses.

    i know, it hurts everyone to hear that, but it's true.

    stop treating yourself like you're diseased. if you can't do it, why should others? & others includes bipolar itself.

  2. i beg to differ
    with the opinions expressed above
    or is it below?
    for research purposes
    and for the empathy
    i find contact with other
    bipolar types
    a huge relief
    an oasis of insanity
    in a desert of ....
    oh i dunno i'm semi-depressed at this time and hence not my usual eloquent and witty self.
    but i reckon zOtl is a WORRY!
    don't tell me (or bpguy in this case) what's true!!!! did anyone ask you for your diagnoses or prescriptions?

  3. LOL, I try to only mix with tripolar people

  4. z0tl is missing love or his favourite coincidental number 69.

    I personally like to hear and discuss BPG's trials and tribulations. It may sound stupid but it is comforting to know that someone else has pains similar to myself. EMPATHY.....

  5. *giggle*@69. Wasn't the number 58? But that's a coincidence nontheless that it's just 1 and 1 less than 69. Whaddayaknow...?? A world full of concidences. Note to self: "Stop that immediately!"


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