Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi, I’m Keegan, a fellow BiPolar from Cape Town. I was a regular reader of BiPolar Etcetera for over a year. When it stopped a few months ago, I was bitterly disappointed. A couple of weeks after that, something weird happened. I was at a local search marketing conference, and I bumped into this guy and got chatting. Somehow the topic of depression came up and when it emerged that I had BiPolar (Type 2), this guy tells me he’s got Type 1. And, lo & behold, it turns out to be BiPolar Guy.

We’ve met up a few times since and I urged BPG to restart his blog. He hasn’t ruled it out totally, but feels that he has really benefited these past few months from “forgetting that he is BiPolar”

Anyway, I persisted, and eventually the suggestion of me taking over for a while as a guest poster bubbled up. So here I am, and Hello to you too.

I must tell you at the outset that I am unlikely to post anything near as regularly as BPG did, and probably nowhere near as interesting, but I’ll keep you up to date on his antics, and am still hoping he’ll come back one day.

BPG warned me that it wouldn’t be easy. He said that at the end he was getting increasingly derogatory comments from certain readers, and he actually even suggested that I just turn comments totally off. But I’m hoping you guys will bear with and and stick around...

BPG said to say hello too (if there are any of you left). He misses you guys even if you are full o shit.

Speak soon.


  1. pass the kleenex. LO: 2 beepers meet at grocery store (the good ole teary "the world is in fact small" talk) and now we need to have a lecture about how it's some of us bad readers that are causing chris to take a break.

    dudes, if you don't have enough balls to deal with a derogatory comment, how the fuck may i ask will you have enough strength to go against the psychiatric establishment?

    because that's the shit you have to fight yo, the billion dollar industry that tells you day in day you that you're sick in the head, not some little troll z0tl who jabs at you daily thinking maybe, maybe out of anger you summon the strength to do something OTHER THAN WALLOWING in a "so called disease."

    anyway, resume normal programming now and please do keep us up to date with the antics, because omg should this blog REALLY GO AWAY, we'll all kill ourselves.

  2. Anonymous31 May, 2008

    The language on this site is a bit rough...what is it with the internet? So, I had this great idea...I would search all the "bipolar" sites in hopes of finding folks that would chat about topics like wellness, recovery, the consumer movement, love, respect...

  3. Wow!

    I'm a regular reader of BPG's blog. I rarely comment. And, I never read the comments on a posting unless I am making a comment. I did not know about anyone's unproductive antics. I'd like to add that there are other "bipolar bloggers" that comment on the rest of life as does BPG. He is not a bipolar guy to me, but a guy working out the kinks in life while his brain is scrambled with bipolar disorder.

    I am happy to read that BPG is doing well. I check on the site nearly daily. It is interesting to observe that many of the bloggers that have been members of Bipolar Planet have demonstrated bipolar "traits" and have come and gone....or taken breaks. Whatever may be the case, I look forward to our guest blogger and the return and/or occasional contributions from BPG.

    Buenas Suerte.

  4. Anonymous02 June, 2008

    Yo Keegan, welcome aboard!

    Say hi to Chris! Happy to hear things are cool.

    Look forward to seeing what you have to say!

    Please proceed with an open mind though :)

  5. Anonymous02 June, 2008

    Hey Keegan. Good to hear from you. Thought Chris and I were the only BP okes in Cape Town, so good to know that there is another around.

    Think some folks around here have exchange their BP for DP and hence tend to bounce off the walls at times.



  6. Anonymous03 June, 2008

    One of the indictments of civilizations is that happiness and intelligence are so rarely found in the same person. -William Feather, author, editor and publisher (1889-1981)

    I think this is the problem. This IS the disease / dis-ease.

  7. Hey Keegan, pleased to meet you! Say hi to Chris from me too, por favor. :)

  8. Hi Keegan! Thanks for picking up the blog. I think you'll find that most of us are supportive.

  9. Hi Keegan

    Welcome! Thanks for picking it up! Say hi to BPG! Happy to hear that he's OK. Glad you're picking up the thread. Beware though, it gets rough in here.


  10. dis-ease a good term, coined by peter levine in his books on trauma.

    come to think of it, i think BPG could learn a thing or two from waking the tiger / [healing] trauma books.

  11. Anonymous05 June, 2008

    Keegan dude, hope we haven't scared you off alreay :)

  12. Welcome Keegan! It's refreshing to check BP Guy's blog and find that he found a way to keep things going.

    Glad that you are onboard. I have supported BP Guy from the beginning (that I found him a couple years ago). He's a fascinating individual as I'm sure you know, and I wish him the best and you too as you post.

    I'm Biploar I and proud, and live my life the best I can. Pleased to meet you!

  13. don't get mad at the illness, get mad at the pharmacracy that's leading you down the path of tardive dyskinesia.

    & yes, abilify will make you crawl out of your skin (which is an impossibility) thus the tremors.

    here's the order in which you want to read blogs: (to teach you how to BEGIN to get away from drugs) (to teach you how to begin to let go of your mind by BEING PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN YOUR BODY).

    so fucking tragic.

  14. i changed my mind:

    just keep up with

    that is enough, tho by no means get going on the messianic complex of it all or you'll bang head against diamond ceiling even sooner than you can say section 8.

    or 5150 if you're in cali.

    no worries, willbefine, if it's not fine, it's not the end.

  15. Anonymous11 June, 2008


    Blogs are not much different than support groups. They attract both positive and negative influences. Unfortunately, many of us don't have the stamina to deal with the negative.

    Best of luck to you and remember there are just as many of us "positive" influences even though we don't speak up as often.

  16. Anonymous13 June, 2008

    BiPolarGuy...I've read your blog for over two years. Just know are deeply, profoundly and unconditionally loved. All the way from Vegas in the US and A. Love you man. I'm thrilled to get an update. Love you man. Mike


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