Thursday, June 12, 2008


I saw BPG on Sunday, so I thought I'd do a quick update on where he is @ right now:

His emigration application for NewZee is in the final stages and its just really a matter of paperwork now before he gets the rubber stamp. Incidentally, the radical 10 day liver detox he did at the beginning of the year (which played havoc with his brain chemicals) was neccessitated in order that his liver came up clear in the compulsory medical tests he had to do for the emigration process. He never declared his BP, and the last thing he wanted was all sorts of weird lamictal/prozac chemicals showing up in his liver tissue. It worked - his liver came up "immaculate" in the post detox test (whereas his medical friend had confirmed it was not in good shape before the detox).

The strange part about the whole thing is that BPG, although still undecided on emigration, is leaning very strongly towards staying in South Africa. I quote: "What the fck, if we all go down, we go down together. At least we'll be in good company". And that very much sums up his thoughts on the whole thing. As long as he can keep his property, with his garden that, if turned into a vegetable patch, could feed him, Mrs M, Miss L, his parents & sister, and Mrs M's parents, then what's the worry?

I must say, I'm personally also a crew member on the SA Titanic, and I'm not sure if he (and me) aren't just burying our heads in the sand. More on my own predicament in future posts.

Anyhow, whatever happens, the BPG family won't make any moves until the end of 2010 as that is when Miss L finishes High School and she has apparently settled in really nicely there and ripping her out to yet another school (let alone country) would not be good.

Now that he's not blogging, BPG is spending most of his time on Flickr. His 2 accounts are here:
and Versionz. He seems to be pretty obsessed with photography again, and told me that the visual world of images is far less complicated than the textual world of blogging. What you see is what you get (WYSWIG) and images cross all language barriers too, he has many Flickr contacts that don't speak a word of English but they all share photos. His big aim now is to move more away from landscape and architectural photography into people photography (posed and unposed). Its a big challenge for him though as he is a hardcore recluse and detests socialising (I am fortunate to be part of his tiny social circle). He seems up to the challenge though, and is convinced that people photography will be more vibrant and meaningful than been continually stuck in inanimate objects. I think it will be good for him.

Hmmm, this post is going longer than I expected. I guess I was optimistic to think I'd give an update of the last 3 and a half months in a single post. So I think I'll stop here and continue with the other topics that need to be updated in another post. Things I'll cover:

  • Where BPG is @ moodwise
  • His med situation (and latest insights)
  • Updates on Mrs M and Miss L (who I've also had the good fortune to meet)
  • And other stuff


  1. ... and how are you, Keegan?

  2. Anonymous13 June, 2008

    Yes, how are you? It is nice to hear that BPG is doing well but hearing 2nd hand insights leads me to think we are following the path of Jesus and his deciples. Who is to say that the deciples didn't f'k up with their thoughts and memories and the resulting effect that followed. It is what his good about the digital world you can hear it from the horses mouth with 100% accuracy. Even if z0tl is the horse!!!

  3. i norse, but of course!

  4. Sometimes, just knowing that one has a way out can help one endure an uncertain situation better.

    Thanks for updating us Keegan. Looking forward to hearing more from you. :)

  5. update: keegan is bpg's middle name and he's experimenting with mpd or as dsmv would call it: disassociative personality mumbo jumbo.

    your friend,
    tyler durden

  6. Thank you for the update Keegan.:)

    I miss BPG writing on his blog, but I'm glad he sounds like he is doing well, and that he is enjoying his photography.

  7. Thanks for updating us Keegan.Yes, It is nice to hear that BPG is doing well but hearing 2nd hand insights leads me to think we are following the path of Jesus and his deciples.
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