Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How am I ??

Posted by Keegan w.

I am as depressed as all hell.

  • Our northern neighbour (Zimbabwe) is fast turning into the most ruthless military dictatorship on the globe
  • Our president, Mr T Mbeki, doesn't say a word - saving his anger to tell other countries to butt out of Africa's problems
  • Our next president narrowly escaped a rape charge recently and is currently throwing around his political clout to try squash the pending fraud charges against him. By the way, he has about 9 wives and never went past grade 7 at school.
  • Food, electricity and petrol prices continue to rocket. (The electricity system, we're told, could collapse at any minute)
  • Interest rates have jumped 5% in the past 18 months
  • The Rand continues to weaken and one gets the feeling that any moment its going to collapse to join the Zimbabwe dollar and other toilet-paper currencies, rendering us South Africans "currency prisoners", never able to emigrate even if legally we could.
  • Those that aren't yet currency prisoners are leaving in droves - all our doctors, engineers and teachers - gone. Not to mention just about every close school and university friend of mine.
  • Did I mention the violent crime in our country? No, I won't even go there.
  • The people in the townships, under increasing pressure due to soaring prices, are very angry. They recently vented this anger against refugees from other African countries in the most barbaric manner, showing an ugly tribalism that we thought was only found in places north of us like Rwanda.
  • What will it take for this anger to be redirected at South African whites - surely more responsible for their predicament than Somalians and Mozambiquans?
  • In the meantime South African whites demonstrate their totally superficial "caring attitudes" to their black brethren. In Cape Town it is now super-trendy to donate food and clothes or even volunteer to work at one of the local refugee camps. Good stuff people, but what about all the genuine South Africans that were born here and are also cold, starving and struggling? Why weren't you all clamouring to help them all along? (maybe if you did the Xenophobic attacks wouldn't have happened in the first place). Why don't you just go round up a whole lot of starving street children from the city right now and put them up in tents, donate food and clothes? Helloooo "Charity begins at home".
Add to this that we're in the midst of a cold, grey and wet winter down here in Cape Town and you'll see why I'm left wondering whether this is really depression I'm suffering from, or just level-headed, objective and accurate despair.

BPG says I should just stop watching the news (as he has). He says that right now us SA BiPolar dudes need a positive mind more than an informed mind. I suppose you could call it the "blissfull ignorance" approach. Maybe he is right.


  1. yep, stop watching teh nooz boob.

  2. I was reading an article recently and I was wondering how your country was doing.

    You have some very "valid" reasons to feel depressed as hell.

    I don't think that turning off the news will help you much. On the contrary, it can actually be a good idea to keep your ear on the ground at such times.

    Some preparedness might also be in order. If you read the article (that's been written 14 years ago!) you will realize why it can only get worst, not better.

    Do you have any plans "just in case?"

  3. yikes.... I'm still glad I asked. Leaving your country for "greener" pastures is difficult. I am glad that only my own economic and mental health conditions caused me to become an economic refugee....

  4. Anonymous17 June, 2008

    I agree, switch off the news. Have a Plan B if everything turns to shit but unless you have a way of changing the news, why listen to it? The economic gloom cloud that started in the US is now nicely spread accross the World. It is said that when the USA catches a cold the UK catches the flu. I have not heard what is said when the USA has the flu???

    A postive story a day will keep the BiPolar blues at bay.

    On that note, the sun is now shining in Scotland and I am off to enjoy some of the Scottish scenery on my bicycle or motorbike.

  5. Anonymous18 June, 2008

    Damn, now I'm depressed too.

    Also stopped watching the news a few months ago. Just the same old shit regurgutated in different shapes and forms.

    I used to hate people's ignorance and apathy, but there is much truth in the saying that ignorance is bliss. Stop thinking about it and it stops being a problem (in your mind anyway).

    Hang in there buddy.

  6. I'm glad BPG has a friend like you.

  7. Anonymous19 June, 2008

    "Don't worry... about a thing...coz every little thingz... gonna be alright!" Bob Marley

  8. Anonymous19 June, 2008

    I'm certain that I couldn't live under those conditions. It's hard enough living with Bipolar Disorder under the best of circumstances. I don't need external forces creating that kind of stress. I can ignore the news here (U.S.), but I'm reasonably certain there's nothing that will even come close to affecting my life as it might in your case. What can I possibly say other than you've got a shoulder to cry on.

  9. Anonymous21 June, 2008

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  11. Anonymous24 June, 2008

    Dude, things may be a little bit crap over here, but always remember that chances are that shits sucks worse somewhere else.

    Imagine actually living in Zimbabwe. That must be pretty fucked up. Getting your ass beaten and your home burnt down because you don't support the guy in charge.

    Or try imagining life in Johannesburg.

    At least we have our mountain, hey?


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