Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ask a question damnit...

I want to test my new widget at the top of
the right side bar ------->

you can even do it anonymously if u so prefer.

Proviso: If I don't have an answer I won't.


  1. Stumbled upon your blog this p.m. while searching "tremors" - yes my fingers jump all over the keys - can't control the mouse on my desktop and OMG, I had to sign my name FIVE times today for some friggin' Notary and freaked out. "What do you mean, sign my name? I can't write!"

    Have had bipolar under control for years with 1500 mg valproic acid but tremors have been bad for years!

    YOUR BLOG and WEBSITE are GREAT! Brought back memories of those psychotic times though I have been very lucky in leading a successful life and managing this illness because I was taught to be a "good girl" and take my medicine.

    Sadly, I did lose a my son, Dan, to this disease - though he went undiagnosed.

    You are lucky to have your wife by your side to help gage your ups and downs. I wish I could have been a greater aid for Dan.

    And now to sleep before I turn into a pumpkin (and I do not feel manic - nor am I sleeping poorly, spending foolishly, or taking great risks, or talking rapidly - all those familiar signs)

    I'll bookmark your BLOG and share it with a "new" old friend who might like to read about bipolar.

    68 years young – diagnosed at age 34
    Redondo Beach, California

  2. Hi .... I'm Mindy's old / new friend. We experienced appox 48 /49 years of seperation before rediscovery. I'm now learning about bipolar and it's leash on one's life. Understanding the "mental drag" has opened up the idea that this mental challenge exists in us all as a percentage or degree of impairment. In reflection, I can find a portion of my life affected by traits of bipolar reaction to social settings. While it appears that I do not need medication to control my situation, I find it acknowledging to discover the key to understanding some of my own personnal character traits.I look forward to the flow of understanding.

    Not sure
    But Smiling

  3. Hey Mindy & Rod, thanks for commenting & great to see you here!

    Mindy I'll answer yr Question soon.

    Thank you also to all those who have used my widget to "ask me a question". I'm gonna keep going with this widget.


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