Thursday, January 07, 2010

Web Apps

I am a web App/service junkie. Here are some of the accounts I use regularly on the Neb:

Google Reader
Every RSS junkies must-have (I'm a power RSS guzzler and follow about 200 blogs in my feed)

Remember the Milk
Best TO-DO list application I've ever come across. Tasks are taggable, keyboard shortcuts abound, the interface is clean & slick, and the whole thing is in the cloud! Surprised Google haven't bought these guys out.

This is where I keep in touch with my meat-space friends - old school friends, friends that have emigrated etc. Go through phases with Facebook - sometimes can't live without it - sometimes hate it.

Need I say more...

I was a very early adopter with Twitter - opened my first account after it was 5 months old. Posted madly for about a month and then ignored it for a few years. With the recent introduction of twitter lists I've become a daily user again - although I follow others much more than I actually post. Finding it a very useful info source - like I recently needed a new hosting service and just followed a feed of all tweets mentioning the new host for a week before commiting.

Bookmarking & Tagging are some of my favourite pasttimes. And delicious has been great - its integration with Firefox is superb and there are loads of useful 3rd party apps. However I've always said that what D lacks most is the ability to search the full content of the pages you have bookmarked (rather than just titles and descriptions). There are some workarounds for sure, but they're tiresome. And with over 3000 bookmarks I am now needing this feature more than ever. Considering shifting to Diigo.

Read it Later
Great simple little App that does just what it says. Couldn't live without it.

My old favourite - had an account here since 1998. Use it to research books extensively and its music reviews are excellent too. Great wishlist management also - especially with the Universal wishlist bookmarklet.

To come:

I'm an a avid collector of quotes and other snippets of info on the web. I used to use Google Notebook for this but since its demise have been meaning to open an Evernote account. I think the time has finally come...

Most of my work and private internet stuff is "in the cloud", I just need a cloud place to keep certain Excel files accesible and all would be perfect.

Since re-engaging with Twitter I have now got 3 different twitter accounts, so the time has come to get a service which acts as a master "dashboard" and allows you to post to diff accounts from the same place. My research indicates that TweetDeck is the best.

As discussed above, although I have since found that evernote may negate both diigo and delicious.


  1. Have you checked out the Springpad ( web app? It's a free personal organizer that makes it very easy to capture, use and share just about anything you come across on the web

    (full disclosure - I'm a Springpad co-founder)

  2. @jjaner - Thanks, will check it out

  3. I it is strange how I feel I am keen on technology and have a career built on information processing and delivery YET I do not use any of those apps. No Tweets, Faces or even FireFox!

    I consider Amazon just one of many online retailers I use, except I don't have a wishlist.

    It is perhaps that I spend 8 hours a day every working day optimising the delivery of business information that when I get home I just switch off.

    This is the only Blog I read and contribute to.

  4. Funny you should say that WBF - I have 5 old friends who were already working in the programming field in the late 80s. Not ONE of them has a twitter or Facebook account. 2 of them in particular blame privacy issues. Makes you think...

  5. Burned out computer technician here, so I can totally relate to WillBeFine and your 5 old friends.

    I often end up opening such accounts at the behest of a friend only to never use them.

    That said, those apps do sound very interesting. :)


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