Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dr Aubrey Levin faces 21 sex charges.

Ex Apartheid military psychiatrist - Colonel Aubrey Levin - escaped charges of gross human rights violations by skipping South Africa in the 90's. Earlier this year the Dr (no longer Colonel) shot into the international spotlight for making sexual advances on one of his male patients. See my first post on Dr Aubrey Levin.

Levine, of course, tried to muddy the waters by casting doubt on his patient's allegations. I mean whose gonna believe a psychiatric patient's version, over his Doctor's version? Well, in the interim 20 new cases of sexual misdemeanors have been filed against Levin!

Ever since the first story broke I've been thinking about this Levin monster. He was head of the military's psychiatric wing when yours truly was a patient in the infamous Ward 24 (previously Ward 22). And I've been trying to figure out why I've got such strong resentment for this monster. In my entire time in Ward 24 I only got to see him for half an hour. Fortunately for me, I was not gay, so was not subjected to his Shock Treatment cure therapy for gays.

But he ultimately put the order in for my own Shock Therapy - normal or garden-variety ECT - to cure my paranoid schizophrenia. Well, even thats not too bad. But HOW he did it is the monstrous part in my case. Long time readers will know what I problem I have with apophenia - seeing links where there are none 9and taking them very seriously). Well when I'm in my manic/psychotic phases these are magnified a hundredfold.

My paranoia at that time was related to the number 666. I told Levin as much when I saw him. So you must know how it freaked the living shit out of me when they said a day later that I was going to have ECT - 6 sessions, then a break, then another 6 sessions and a break, and then a final 6 sessions.

Revelations 13 : "...he forced everyone... to receive a mark on his forehead... which is the number of his name... his number is 666."

When I heard the news, and spotted the link, I was so terrified that I ran out of the hospital building in my gown, waving my Bible in the air. The guards at the hospital entrance had to stop me by brandishing their rifles.

So, was the 6,6,6 ECT sessions and my paranoia of 666, a case of apophenia? A case of reading in a link where it was just pure coincidence?

I'm starting to think not. I'm starting to think it was someone's sick joke. I'm starting to think that it was Aubrey Levin's sick joke. I hope you rot in jail for the rest of your miserable days Colonel Levin. You sent me to Hell, but I am back. Now its your turn...


  1. WillBeFine02 August, 2010

    I long for the time in my years of wisdom that I can let resentment fade away like autumn leaves. It burns a hole in your soul and your mind fantasises about how revenge would be sweet tasting and if you could only go back in time as the newer stronger version of what you are now.

    As a side note my sister was born on the 6th of the 6th at 6am. I can assure you she is the devil incarnate!

  2. WillBeFine07 August, 2010

    I thought I should let you and the world know that I got married today, 5 hours ago!

    I will fill the BPG with the whole story later :)

  3. Wow WillbeFine! Much happiness to you and your beloved

  4. Congratulations WBF!


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