Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The real nasty coincidence

In my last post I explained about Aubrey Levin's sick joke :

Prescribing me 6 sessions of ECT, then a break...
Then another 6 sessions of ECT, then a break...
Then a final 6 sessions of ECT.

This after I had just told him about all my fears of the number 666.

In the end I only had the first 6 ECT zaps (spread over about a week). It was enough to banish all the demons, all the 6s, and all other semblance of paranoia. They discharged me from army and the next 2 sets of ECT never occurred.

But that doesn't mean the story ends there... No, not when you have an apophenic mind like BPG - continually on the prowl for sinister, conspiracy theory links:

3 sets of ECT were prescribed.
Only one third of that was administered.
Which means two thirds was left.
In Decimals: 0.666 666 666...

Aubrey Levin's sick 666 joke will never resolve.
This one has chased me for a long long time.
Recurring fckn nightmare...


  1. I totally agree in the sick factor.

  2. WillBeFine10 August, 2010

    Today is the 10/08/10, add all the digits 10+8+10 = 28. Take the last digit away from the first 8-2 = 6!
    We are now in the 3rd quarter of the year. 3 x 6 = 666.

    Take 1 from 10, Add 1 to 8, Take 1 from 10 =999.... the opposite of 666.

    On the scale of Numeric Apophenia it doesn't have a chance, however I can't speak for everyone!

  3. That's unreal!

    That said, I would try not paying attention to that. We deal with 666 on daily basis, it comes up so many times here & there, we don't even notice it. I can see how it would make you panic though, given the condition you are in.

    Take it easy.


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