Thursday, August 12, 2010

For the record:

Regarding my 2 previous posts:

Dr Aubrey Levin's Sick Joke 

The nasty coincidence about Aubrey Levin's sick joke

(you may have to read those posts to fully understand this post).

No, I'm not on the verge of mania or psychosis.
The fact that 2/3 of my outstanding ECT equates to 0.666 which bears a resemblance to the number 666, was certainly not of Levin's design. And yes, it is a tenous link. But for me it is synchronistic. That is the very definition of synchroncity - "meaningful coincidence". And meaningful is a subjective affair, so although it might not be meaningful for you - it is for me.

As regards Levin's decision that my course of ECT should come in the pattern of 3 sets of 6 sessions: The coincidence between this and my fear of 666, is something that can never be proved. Levin would surely deny any intentions. Once again it comes down to personal beliefs. Was it intentional? For me, my honest answer is Yes, I'm not certain, but I think it was. I had never even entertained this thought previously - it only popped up recently when the vile sickness of the man came to light.

At the time it happened it was very scary I can promise you. Not just the fact that my head was going to be shocked - it seemed like Satan's final triumph. It was, in fact, the scariest moment of my whole ordeal (if not my entire life...)

Do I personally believe in Revelations? No. I do not believe we get judged at the Pearly Gates and go to a city of gold if we are good. Nor am I a christian. But the entire Bible is psychologically and culturally charged. So elements of it are bound to be woven into our deepest psychological archetypes.

Anyway, I thought I would just clear that up. Lots of shit surfacing about Levin now, and its nowhere over, so I thought it best to dot my eyes and cross my teas.

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  1. WillBeFine12 August, 2010

    I have no doubts the depths to which your emotional and psychological scars run. Post traumatic stress is something the psychiatrists never guide you on after they have "treated" you. You can adopt a technique of putting those darkest thoughts to one side and avoid analysing them. Especially when the analysis leads to deeper meanings or making sense of something that is chaotic.


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