Friday, December 10, 2010

Some thoughts on meaning

I am obsessed with the letter Y

...which leads to the question WHY

...which asks "for what reason"

...which determines purpose

... which is a sense of meaning

So it has always been inevitable that "meaning" is a big thing for me. And what is apophenia, other than seeing meaningful links where there are none? "Synchronicity" as defined by Jung - "MEANINGFUL coincidence". And what is depression other than meaninglessness?

Why do I need meaning so badly?

Is there middle ground between meaningful and meaningless?

Is meaning something that we create, or something that we find?

Is meaning objective, or entirely subjective?

And finally:


On another note: z0tl has re-emerged (see his comment on my last post). Welcome back bro.


  1. The quest for knowledge is a noble cause.
    The search for meaning where there is none is a curse.

    Welcome back to the z0tl.
    I am looking forward to the cryptic tirades and the free BPG avant-garde counselling sessions.

  2. Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.

  3. @Amanda - I read that book many years ago and interestingly I have treasured a quote from it ever since (which is pretty pertinent to this post):

    "If you have a why, you can endure any how"

    Good book - I must read it again.

  4. Meaning is what we find as we create.
    Meaning is what we create as we find.

    There are subjective meanings found and created as we search for objective constructs of meaning.

    Meaninglessness is meaningless if there is not also room for meaningfulness.

    As to the degree I or you want meaning or what meaning means to either you or me, that's just something I think we clarify as we live our lives.


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