Thursday, December 02, 2010

X, Y, Z ... no, actually V.

My last post Where is Z0tl? led me to read up on some very old posts. I turned up some interesting stuff.

Like, here is my post when I decided to pack in this blog back in Feb 2008:

Peace Prevails
That post got 81 comments. As WBF once said to me, I didn't know how good I had it back then... Any blog in the world would be stoked with 81 comments.

Anyways I went a bit further back then that to the post which actually pushed my EXPLODE button.And I discovered that although it was Z  (z0tl) who had been riling me and riling me for quite a while, it was actually THIS comment that did it:

Your current diatribe so removes you for what you are. This intellectual masturbation and microscopic sight has no bearing of you.

I am with zOtl on this one. Suck deep or suck off, but don't measure me by it.


And even now, with the wisdom (?) and perspective of nearly 3 years, this comment, I feel, would have irked most people. V (I never got his real name) was a regular reader who once said that he actually lives very close to me in Cape Town's deep south. He was a really nice guy, and I got on well with him. And if you honestly want to know I think that he could have applied his comment very accurately to his own comment: Your current diatribe so removes you for what you are.

And that is why I suppose I felt betrayed. Because it was so out of character. Of course he was not the only one, all sorts of readers jumped in with all sorts of nasty comments around the time of those posts. I could have deleted the comments but I left them all standing for the world to see.

Anyways, to get back to the title of this blog - I can never seem to get away from letters. Y has been chasing me my whole life. And it wasn't Z that flipped me out, it was actually V.


  1. Do the words have the same sting in the tail as you felt before or are they just mildly irritating?

    Perhaps V had an off day? Perhaps his mood was no longer tolerant or forgiving. Perhaps you irked him with the comments you made.

    Do not try to change people, change the way you react to people.

  2. I've been in the mother of all depressions since January 13th, 2009 and continue to be in an unimaginable hell. I guess I deserve it, huh? I can't imagine the z0tl you know will ever surface again, such is the power with which my last manic trip that started in July 2008 completely destroyed my life as I knew it.

    I'm glad you're still around blogging and I hope your life is treating you kindly too. I'll try to keep updated on your news although these days I barely have energy to breathe.

    Peace out,

  3. <> for the z0tl.

    Emerged like a phoenix from the flame wars. Looking forward to inspired cryptic comments and BPG’s exasperated admiration of the z0tl !


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