Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Lucky Packet

Feel like a train hit me. And in about 2 hours I'm going into the city for a concert. Presently dosing myself up with caffeine and some loud John Coltrane. I'll take shower too.

That's the problem with bipolar. At the time I booked the concert life was looking cool. But right now I'd rather crawl into bed. Forward planning is a total nightmare. You never know whats going to come up. When the appointment arrives its like digging into the bottom of a lucky packet to see what moods going to come up. (Hey...that's a cool name for a blog : "the lucky packet". I LOVE naming things. I'm an avid collector of domain names (I own over 100) and when I'm on a high I've been known to blow big bucks on my "blockbusters" of the moment. I'll tell you about all the great names I've got as we go along.)

Ahhh...the coffee is obviously kicking in.

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