Tuesday, November 29, 2005

BiPolar Bloggers make headlines!!

We did it! BiPolars and their blogs made it into the New York Daily news in an article titled: Manic-depressives find support, solace on Web. Here's a snippet:

With blogging, manic-depressives are able to share the reality of their widely misunderstood illness with the world while at the same time gaining fellowship to help them endure its peaks and valleys. Entering a manic-depressive's blog is like hitchhiking a ride on an emotional roller-coaster. Full article

But besides that, my day has been horrendous. I've been in bed for most of the day. On days like this sleep is the only viable escape. And when I'm not sleeping I lie flat and unmoving on my bed and just kind of zone out. And I eat. Sweet stuff mainly.

The worst part is the feelings of guilt. Guilt that I'm letting down Mrs M, and not keeping up my part of the partnership. Guilt toward all the unanswered emails from my business website. Guilt about all the business deadlines whizzing past. Guilt about the meeting I cancelled this morning.

But mainly:



  1. I sure do identify with this. Unfortunately.

  2. When i have days like this i try and accept what is happening as part of BP and face the fact that it is mostly out of my control, but it will pass.

    This realization usally helps me to accept that what is happening is not my fault and cuts down on the feelings you mentioned (which we know all too well)

    Hope you're back in the pink soon!

  3. I think it's in the air, every bipolar I know is feeling the same thing. Good luck.


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