Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Morning

Monday's suck. Not that I'm down moodwise this morning. In fact, I'm actually "In-the-Pink" as I speak, which is where I LOVE to be. But if I contemplate going down to my office and tackling the dry, financial stuff - "Got-a-Gun?" will be popping in to visit before lunch. I gaurantee ya.

I suppose this isn't limited to us BiPolars. The whole working world probably feels like this on a Monday morning. And maybe they could look at my postponing of work today as a Cop Out, like I'm just using my BiPolar as an excuse not to tackle the harsh necessities of life. That they, the backbone of the world, can't afford the luxury of taking "sick-leave" every Monday. Maybe.

The problem, I would say, is that the non-bipolar majority are more resilient to the little downers life throws everybody. They seem to have the ability to shut out their emotions, buckle down and do their shit. Not me. Does the non-bipolar world even know what "Got-a-Gun is like?" I mean who hasn't postponed a mandatory visit to the dentist? Well, "Got-a-Gun?" is something like that. Only it's not a routine check-up we're talking about - it's unavoidable root canal treatment.

And, non-bipolar critics, you seem to forget something. What about Saturdays and Sundays huh? You guys are pretty much assured of having a really good time. Take one look at the history of my Saturdays in this Blog, and you'll see that a good Saturday is rare for BiPolar Guy.

I kind of get the feeling that I'm just sitting here trying to justify my not working today. It all relates back to that post I wrote on the BiPolar's Dilemma. Same shit, different day. Read it and you'll see what I mean. And, just for the record, that was a Tuesday, not a Monday. And if I really dug around I could find posts along the same lines for Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. Oh yeah, and public holidays too.

So. FUCK YOU, WORLD. I'm not going to work today. And when your custodians of Capitalism repossess my house and and throw me in jail for contraventions of the Pay-your-rent-on-earth requirement - I don't mind (providing I've got a wireless laptop in dem cell so that I can continue posting to BiPolar Daily).

P.S. The cigarette craving seems to have snuck up on me again this morning. Maybe I was over-optimistic about how easy this thing was. But I've got those Dog shit tasting nicorette gums on hand, so I'll whack the craving on the head if there be any signs of trouble.


  1. yo! i'm still on the road until thursday dec 1st. then 2 weeks back to work, then 3 weeks vacation of which chaseme and i will spend 3 days in sandy eggo and snowboarding at nearby mountains, then 7 days in hawaii (kauai) if all's well when we can still get the flights (hi season).

    what can i say? happy shit! hug:z

  2. Awesome post, have never read something I completely empathize with. Glad I found your blog and good luck with leaving the house!


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